NTBackup won't start as scheduled but will start manually using task

By jason.beale ·
I am using NTBackup to back up 2 servers, both domain controllers. They both use Task Scheduler to start the backup. One of them works fine, but the other one does not.

The strange thing is, if I right click on the scheduled task and choose "Run", it starts and runs just fine. I thought that maybe it was because the server was not logged in at the console, but I left it logged in and locked, just like the other server that works, and it would not start.

THe backup log file is empty, and it shows as being modified 33 minutes after the job was scheduled to start. In the System log, it shows where Remote Storage service started right when the job was supposed to start, and then the service is stopped 33 minutes later. I can't seem to find any log that will show me what is wrong.

ANy ideas?

THank you!


***Update: It seems that for whatever reason, when scheduled, this server won't overwrite the tape automatically unless it's been done by this job before; in other words, once the tape has been used by this job, subsequent jobs will automatically overwrite it. So, sicne we're just on a week rotation here, as long as I manually start the job on all 5 tapes, it will run ok afterwards.

Not sure why it wasn't a problem on the other server, but I've reviewed the command in task Scheduler, and they are identical, except one server has an LTO drive and the other has a DLT.

ANyway, if anybody has more insight, that would be great, but I believe I've found a decent workaround.


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MS backup schedule wont run backup

by grichie5 In reply to NTBackup won't start as s ...

I could not get M/S backup to run a scheduled backup, although it did run backups manually.
I went to the scheduled task icon in control panel, right clicked on the properties box and then checkedc the box on the bottom left that aid "runonly if logged on." Thereafter, the backups ran as scheduled.

Hope this helps.


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NTBackup won't start as scheduled but will start manually using task

by sanman99 In reply to NTBackup won't start as s ...

Run services.msc from "start" "run" menu or select services from the admin tools menu. Locate the task scheduler. Double click and select the log on tab. Make sure the "allow service to interact with desktop" button is enabled. Stop and restart the service. Unfortunatly you will need to re-create your backup profiles, but this should allow the scheduler to run. Good luck!

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