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    by russellrl2 ·

    I have two servers running Windows 2003. On 1 of the servers when I click on NTBACKUP, the backup wizard appears. When I click on NTBACKUP on the other server the following appears:

    Looking for backup devices

    I have recopied NTBACKUP.EXE and NTDLL.DLL and restarted but no luck. Any ideas on how to get this to work.

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      by rawright ·

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      Does the second server have a backup device installed? It sounds as if there is no tape or CD burner on it, and the backup software can’t find a device suitable for its use. If the backup device is physically located on the first server, share it, then map it from the second server. The software then should recognize it.

      Of course, if the two servers are identical, then I haven’t got a clue what’s wrong. Try removing and re-installing the second backup device…

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      by joseph moore ·

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      Is the Removable Storage service running? It should if you want to use NTBACKUP.EXE

      So, check the Services and see if it is on. If not, turn it on and see if the backup program works.

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      by russellrl2 ·

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