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    by dmvillanueva ·

    ntdbsmgr.exe is ‘eating’ up my NT resources (100%) which in effect limits the access on my server, does anyone experienced this I am running pervasive sql 2000i in my NT server?


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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      Could be due to lack of memory on the server. How much memory does the server have?

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      by dmvillanueva ·

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      Im running on a 512KB memory

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        I have same problem with 2048MB memory

        by vijayanand1 ·

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        same problem but 20 users at a time pervasive sql. Did you find the solution? I have order 1GB more RAM! I have page file size 4 GB! with 2GB or RAM do you think this could be the reason?

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      Could be a few things

      by kiltie ·

      In reply to NTDBSMGR.EXE

      A bit of research suggests that you need the latest updates, but that seems like S.O.P to me.

      However one user of pervasive detected a user had been logged on for 18 days, he deleted that session, everything returned to normal.

      Maybe you should look at that idea?

      Good luck!!!

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