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NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditing tool

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Can anyone recommend a production quality tool for auditing NTFS file permissions and Access Control Lists?

I have inherited a huge directory structure where permissions are applied by username at all levels of the structure.

Hence I don't know who to contact to explain my intentions to migrate to a new server.


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by mwilliams In reply to NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditi ...

I have used Hyena for good success:

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by plaznine In reply to Hyena

Hyena is good, but can be a little bulky if you just need to audit ACL's.

I'd suggest DumpSec

Fairly powerful, but will usually require tweaking of the reports prior to presentation of any mgmt.

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by In reply to DumpSec

Thanks for the recommendations.
I'll take a look at those.

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Security Explorer

by JamesHsh In reply to NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditi ...

Security explorer from scriptlogic is a good solution in this case. If you already have migrated to vista new version of security explorer 6.0 supports vista.

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showacls: Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit

by In reply to NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditi ...

Hello, I used a microsoft cmd line tool in the end called "showacls" from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit

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showacls - hmm, not sure

by cabbascia In reply to showacls: Windows Server ...

I also took a look at that, it does work, however it's too granular as it also shows file level permissions. I found no way of restricting it to only folder permissions.

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I developed nacl.exe (NTFSACL) for that reasson

by thomas.schedl In reply to showacls - hmm, not sure


I developed nacl.exe to read NTFS-ACL's recursively. It scans only directories
and shows only that entries where ACL's
are changing ...

good luck, Thomas

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License Problem

by sluppo_it In reply to I developed nacl.exe (NTF ...


from 1 January 2010 when I run NACL, it doesn't works. It shows an error like "Licensed for LFU Innsbruck only!" "Unlicensed or no MAC Address".

Can you help me?

Tnx a lot!

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NTFS ACL Auditing Tool

by omar.ounanian In reply to NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditi ...

I was just looking for something like this, and thought I'd share it. I do IT Audits (I'm an IT Consultant) for clients, and wanted something that would help me get a list of user and group permissions on file shares.

I downloaded a tool called Aprigo NINJA [] (they have a free 2 week trial). It's a SaaS product that you point at a share, and enter the AD info, and it does the rest.

After the trial you have to pay (I think they do it by # of user).

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ACLView Free NTFS ACL Auditing Tool

by CrazyGangster In reply to NTFS ACL Reporting/Auditi ...

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