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NTFS Disk drives!

By michael2681 ·

I recently upgrade from windows 2000 to XP. I have 3 disk drive install on my computer. I was able to access all 3 before I upgraded and all 3 are NTFS.

Now I can not access one of my disk drive. ERROR message: "access denied, drive not accessible". How can I change security rights to access on that drive. Just a little note: software like a photo editor can scans all your drive for picture can get on that drive. I login to my computer as Administrator on both 2000 and XP.


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by dawgit In reply to NTFS Disk drives!

Sorry, I don't have an answer (yet) but I (we) need more info. Could this be a SCSI Drive set up? or SATA? and RAID? Are all Drives equal? That's sort of important info for anyone to give a good answer.

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by michael2681 In reply to NTFS Disk drives!

Thanks, They are not SCSI,SATA or RAID. They are ATA
and sizes are 40 gig, 13 gig and 6 gig. I use the 13 and 6 gig for storing files and the 40 gig as my main bootable drive. I formated the 13 and 6 gig at the sametime as NTFS couple months ago and now the 13 gig is not accessible but 6 gig works fine. they were both work ok before I install xp on the 40 gig which is work great!!!


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NTFS Disk drives!

Well I would say that when you had 2000 on the system you placed some security onto the drive/partition that you can no longer read and with the XP install that security has been carried across to the new installation.
The only real answer here is if you have a Dual Boot Option with both Y2K and XP installed boot into Y2K and reset the Security Options so that everyone can read the drive/partition and then reboot into XP and that should give you access to the Drive in XP.

As this appears to be a Storage section of a drive or a drive itself I wouldn't recommend going into Computer Management and mucking around there as you run a great possibility of wiping the drive/partition all together which would be counter productive.

Unless you have a valid DR Plan already in Place and a current set of Backup available then you could just format up the drive/partition and make it available to XP and then copy your data back to it which you should be doing anyway as storing your data on a HDD or even a partition of a HDD is inherently unsafe particularly the 2.5 inch ones as they tend to have a hard life and break more often than not and when this happens with Critical Data you will be looking close the 9K to recover the data or more.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Don't forget to close the question off or you'll keep getting responses to it.


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by michael2681 In reply to NTFS Disk drives!

Thanks for all the help!

Until my next question, again thanks.


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by jon In reply to NTFS Disk drives!

Upgrade = Headache

1 Gigabyte = $.37

You have roughly 60 GB of space all encompassed in drives that are all out of production. That's about $22.00 worth of hard drive space eating up real-estate, power, and time in your life.

How much is your time worth?

Spend $100 and get yourself a nice new 250 GB SATA or ATA drive, re-install your operating system from scratch, slave your 3 dinosaurs to the new system drive, copy what you need, delete what you don't, then get those drives out of your system and have fun destroying them.

Much more value, IMHO.

Seriously though, why waste your time, do it right.

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