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NTFS file level permission doesn't work on w2k server

By webboy105 ·
I'm trying to implement NTFS file level permission but they are not working. If I implement NTFS permission on folder, they are working perfectly.

Here is the case:

I created share "test" and I set share permission to everyone: FULL and Folder level NTFS permission: FULL and I added "usera" and he has same perimssion as everyone.

I created file under test folder call "abc.txt" and set NTFS permission to: READ. for everyone and usersa (local user on windows 2000 server).

When I access file abc.txt as "usera" and he is able to modify the file which he not suppose to because he has read permission on file level.

No user or group is involved from the domain. Every thing is local.

any idea...

thanks for help in advance.

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user a is everyone

by tintoman In reply to NTFS file level permissio ...

you have applied full permission to te everone group, therefore usera has full permission as a member of that group, you cannot resrict his permission as an individual unless you explicitly deny you should restrict the permission on the share which is the more restrictive of the 2 usually

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