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    NTFS for linux..


    by jaqui ·

    commercial tool that will allow full read write access to ntfs even from a live cd.

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      by jrod86 ·

      In reply to NTFS for linux..

      It’s good to see some people put their heads together and produce something that can really help.

      But, if the language on the site is any indication of product quality…I’d be hesitant to throw down $70 for it.

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      Anyone here tried it?

      by ray ·

      In reply to NTFS for linux..

      I got all excited when I saw this, but a quick search of Google groups found some dissatisfied users who were complaining of bugs and poor service. I didn’t see anyone praising it. Surprisingly there weren’t many results so maybe it isn’t widely used yet.
      I think I’ll wait until I see some more reviews.

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