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    NTFS & formating


    by solarian ·

    I’ve a friend who is using XP Pro. He’s got problems with it. Therefore he wants to remove it and install Windows Me. His Win98 Boot disk doesn’t see the hard drive since it’s formatted with NTFS.

    Anybody have an idea to reformat the c drive in FAT32 so he can reinstall Win Me?

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      Long but it works

      by it support services manager ·

      In reply to NTFS & formating

      OK, this is a long way around but it works. Start the computer with the Windows XP CD. Begin a new install of XP. When you get to the place that you have a choice of deleting the current partition go ahead and do that. Then create a new partition and make it Fat32. Once the formating is done cancel the rest of the install. Now you are ready to go.

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      Easier way

      by thechas ·

      In reply to NTFS & formating

      Warning: ALL DATA on the drive will be lost!!!

      Boot from a W98 or Me startup floppy.

      Run fdisk

      Delete the non-DOS partition.

      Exit fdisk.


      Run fdisk and partition the drive as desired.

      Re-boot, and format at least the C: drive.

      Install Me

      Note: Windows Me is a MUCH buggier and less stable OS than XP is.
      Keep in mind, that there are limits to how large a hard drive, and how much RAM you can run on a Windows Me system.

      RAM: less than 511MB for a stable system.

      Hard drive: Less than 137GB without special utilities.

      If stability is what your friend is after, I suggest Windows 2000.
      Unless, they play a lot of games.

      Otherwise, I would be curious to know what kind of problems would drive someone from XP to Me.


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      Boot off of the Win XP CDROM and choose to format the drive with FAT

      by kflanagan ·

      In reply to NTFS & formating

      Try booting off of the WinXP CDROM and choose to format the drive with FAT or FAT 32.

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