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NTFS frustration

By yukon0196 ·

I recently formatted my external disk with NTFS. I have two user accounts in my computer (Administrator, and a limited user). Now when I try to move or delete file using the limited user, I get access denied.

I don't need the security features in NTFS all I want is the capability of having big file sizes which FAT32 won't handle!

Any clues

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There is two ways you can do this.

by Jim_P In reply to NTFS frustration

1. You can go to Windows Explorer, go to Tools on your top menu bar, then Options, Then the View tab, then at the bottom of the list of check boxes, you should see a Simple File Sharing Option, Uncheck this box. Click OK
Now go to your external drive letter, right click, goto the security tab, give the users or everyone group Full Control.
2. As you said, if you don't need to have NTFS, go to the Start Menu, Run, type in CMD, click OK.
type format f: /fs:fat32
If your drive letter isn't F change it to the correct drive letter.
This should solve your problem.


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NTFS vs. FAT32

by yukon0196 In reply to There is two ways you can ...

Thanks Jim_P, unchecking the Simple File Sharing option, did enable me to assign full control to everyone, and thus other users can access the external drive.

The thing is with this option, is that it affected the whole system (internal & external hard disk).

Simple File Sharing was required to share a folder in the internal drive. How can I overcome this.

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To Tell The Truth I Don't Know

by Jim_P In reply to NTFS vs. FAT32

In Windows XP, I don't really know how to overcome the Simple File Sharing, as I have always disabled it in the View Configuration.
What doesn't make sense is, that I have always formatted my external drives (except USB Keys) and never had an issue, but then again I have always used an account with administrative rights when accessing external drives, so you have opened up a new issue for me there, but at least we will know for the future :)

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some external drives come with their own

by Deadly Ernest In reply to NTFS frustration

formatting software that allows you to format FAT32 but still use long file names and gets over the other FAT 32 limitations. Check what came with your drive.

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