NTFS Partion Problem

By subhajit.khanbarman ·
I am having a PC with single drive with NTFS and Windows XP installed.Now I want to break the partition into two drives without reformatting or reinstallation.With partition magic 8 it is not possible.please suggest me any software or the way by which I can do this.If possible then suggest me the free softwares.

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by jwilliams In reply to NTFS Partion Problem

Let me start by saying Partition magic sucks and can cause you serious issue. Ok, now im not sure what you need the new partion for but windows comes with disk managment features "" or just google "Disk managment Xp" However if you are trying to set up dual boots, then this is not what you need.

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by subhajit.khanbarman In reply to Partition

I think u r not getting my point.Actually I know the Disk managment in Xp.But I have only one drive.I want to make it in two drives without reformatting or reinstallation.If the partition is in FAT then it is possible but as the drive is in NTFS.So I am facing problem.But anyhow I have to do it.Please help.......

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Not advisable but...

by bart777 In reply to NTFS Partion Problem

If you REALLY want to do this instead of just getting a second hard drive then I would take a look at

They have a program called disk sirector that can do this.

If I had a choice I would just go get a second slave drive and go from there. You're asking for trouble when you do this kind of thing.

Best of luck.

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by subhajit.khanbarman In reply to Not advisable but...

I know I can do this with the help of 2nd hard disk.....but the situation is I m havng one single drive with NTFS.......nd without reformattng or reinstallation of OS I have to make it as two independent drives.

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Did you try his suggestion?

by seanferd In reply to Repartition

Go to the Acronis website and download a trial copy of Disk Director? Trial version will repartition your disk. I checked. Link is below.

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