NTFS Permissions

By bfeltus ·
On a windows 2003 server, I have a shared folder for one of my departments. There are about 30 subfolders in this shared folder. I have a user from another department that needs access to two of the subfolders. I want to map a drive to the shared folder and have the user only see the 2 subfolders and not all 30 subfolders. How can I accomplish this. Thanks.

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Groups and nesting

by Andrew Marr In reply to NTFS Permissions


You could create a global group for all users to access this folder 'ALL_FOLDERNAME' and assign "List Folder Contents / This folder only" permission.

All users needing access to this folder would be a member of this group - including this additional user.

Then create a group for the correct department 'FINANCE' to allow all necessary permissions for all of the folders - add all the users of the department (not the other user).

Create a group for the other department 'MARKETING' - add the required permissions (modify etc) and assign this to the 2 folders they need access to.

Place these groups into the membership list of the global group you created. This user will be able to review the root folder, but only access the ones that their group membership allows.

Hope this helps you see how groups can be applied.

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Reponse To Answer

by bfeltus In reply to Groups and nesting

Thank You. I created a groups for the users. I applied "list folder contents/this folder only". When I mapped to the root folder for the 2 folder group, I saw all the folders. I went into advance on the group that I wanted to see only 2 folders. I removed traverse folder execute, removed read permissions and left "list folders/read data/this folder only". I received access denied when I tried to the root folder. Thank You for your help.

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