ntfs shares over a network

By smoothjazztampa ·
Ok here's the drill.. I have 10 computers in a law office with 4 separate workgroups. Each workgroup needs to have their file shares confining access within each workgroup. Now The problem I am having is setting the permissions and finding the remote user in each workgroup and then granting access to that user. I am familiar with some aspects of permissions and users but most of the permissions grant access only for the local computer and not any other user on the network.. I cant "see" any other users other than local users/groups. So where do I go from here?

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re: shares over network

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to ntfs shares over a networ ...

I am confused... You have 4 different workgroups, yet you want to allow someone in workgroup A access to files in workgroup B? Please be a bit more specific so we can help figure this out.

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by smoothjazztampa In reply to re: shares over network

no I want to confine the shares within workgroup A,B C & D allowing A to share with A only, B with B only and so on. I do NOT want the other workgroups to have access to each other, just keep them confined to each workgroup. (client attorney confidentiality laws) note: there is no server at this office.

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