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NTFS special permission

By www.kundan_00712 ·
i m a student of MCSE and i need to know that why only list folder/read data is not enough to see the contents of a file why we have to assign always read permissions and read extended permissions with it?
kindly answer me of this question i will always be greatfull to you

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NTFS Permissions...

by DontWanna In reply to NTFS special permission

I really dont know what other permissions you may have listed so...
...keep in mind that Windows take the most restrictive rule when 2 match the same data-set. With that having list only will be more restrictive, then implicitly implies list as you need to see what you read!
You will also want to check all other security settings, this could be GPO based, LPO (local policy) based, Security Tab, and Share Permissions.
Goto and do a search for permissions. They used to have very good detailed guides on the heirarchy of what rules apply first, and what happens when a tie is created.

Hope this helps.

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