NTFS Special Permissions

By PJ2011 ·
I want to configure NTFS permissions on a file server so that a certain group can change permissions on folders but not read the contents of the files within these folders - does any1 know if this is possible or can suggest an alternative?

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What type of files?

by robo_dev In reply to NTFS Special Permissions

If these were PDF files, you could password-protect the files, or if you Zip up the folders you could set a password that way.

Since you have to give Full Control to change folder permissions, Full Control means just that, and file permissions in the folder are irrelevant in this case.

The only way I can think of making this work is to create a script that automates the process, and it hides the folders from the user. In effect the script would have to run with elevated privileges on the server, while the user only has the capability to run the script, not get to the files or folders.

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I would recommend seperate folders

by markp24 In reply to NTFS Special Permissions


if you give access to change folder pwermissions then they can change the file permisions within if you leave inheritance on. If its server 2008 you can put the Transvers folder permisions on , this will allow users to transvers folders and not see the fileswithin if they do not have permision to them, the catch is the user must know the path to the destination (ie in start-> run type \\servername\sharename\folder\folder

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Reponse To Answer

by PJ2011 In reply to I would recommend seperat ...

Its server 2003, i want to create an environment where our IT technicians can give users/groups permissions to folders but not be able to read the files within as some of them contain confidential information! So if i set the special permissions of traverse folder/execute file, read permissions & change permissions will this allow the users to set permissions on the folders but not read the files, except program files?

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I think the bset thing is to test it

by markp24 In reply to NTFS Special Permissions


Permisions can sometimes be tricky, i would recommend noting how your permissions are set, test them, change as necessary. but note each chamge. I think you can do it. but i dont think i would get it right the first try.

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