Ntfs.sys corrupted & BSOD when Windows CD in

By Sephiroth__VII ·
So I just built a new computer and its been giving me ****. Finally yesterday I got everything up and running, today I installed everything i wanted on the computer. I went to do one Last reboot. BAM windows wont start up because NTFS.SYS is corrupted or missing..... So I go online to fix this problem and it said to do a repair with the windows CD. So I pop that bad boy in and it starts loading everything, and before i can get to the part where i hit R to repair, i get a BSOD
STOP: 0x0000007b (0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Thats my error, doesnt say whats wrong just gives me a varity of things to check, such as for viruses, faulty disk drives and what not. If some one could help that would be great.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ntfs.sys corrupted & BSOD ...

Is this no longer the problem that you had yesterday?

How did you overcome it?

According to Micro$oft the most likely course for this problem is:

"The boot volume is corrupted and cannot be initiated by Windows XP. If the file system is corrupted and if Windows XP cannot initiate the boot volume during the startup process, either move the drive to another computer that is running Windows XP and run the chkdsk command on that drive or try to create a parallel installation of Windows XP on the drive (in a separate folder). The Windows XP Setup program checks the integrity of the volume before it copies files, and it may fix some problems in the process."

Extract from:

NTFS.SYS is the first corrupted file the Windows boot has encountered, resulting in the halt to proceedings. This does not mean it is the only corrupted file.

If you have constructed this new computer, using an old HDD, you may have a prevalent virus infection that has yet to be removed.

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No longer the main problem

by Sephiroth__VII In reply to What about "DRIVER_IRQL _ ...

DRIVER_IRQL _NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL was fixed by downloading a driver for my optical. The fix doesn't seem to stick, It actually works as long as I don't reboot my computer, as long as I leave it on after applying the driver, it works like a champ. As soon as i reboot it does the restart thing as soon as its closed. I've removed this optical thinking it may be the issue but that didnt seem to work. Everything in my computer is bran new, except for a sound card which I'm removing after i send this, i did just install it but my computer has working fine with it in it. The only things i have put on my computer is a game (world of warcraft) and the patches for that, winzip, and a wallpaper for my background. And all the drivers which ive either put on from that manufactures CD or i have dl'ed from the manufactures website. all of which i believe are safe.

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Possible HD controller issue?

by jswentworth In reply to No longer the main proble ...

Are the optical drive and the hard drive both SATA drives? Is it possible your SATA controller is bad on that MOBO and that is causing both your file corruption and your optical drive issues?

Even if they are both IDE you could have a bad IDE controller.

Move the drives to the secondary controller ports and see if anything works.

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Not a hard drive problem.. I don't think

Since this error comes up when booting to the hard drive, it seems like it rules out (most) hard drive problems.

Where I would proceed: go to
and download the ISO, burn it to CD, and boot up to it on the problem PC.
On the first menu is a RAM test. Let it run the extensive test for a while, and I would GUESS that you will find a RAM error.


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Memory is fine

by Sephiroth__VII In reply to Not a hard drive problem. ...

I did the memory test and all is fine. Something else i did that may of effected this is before i restarted i wanted my loading screen to appear different, so I downloaded one, the exact some one i have on this computer. In order to get it to work i had to change something in the Boot.ini or something like that. Also I'm running a raid with my HDD and i remember an issue where i got a BSOD when i didnt hit f6 to put that disk floppy in for the computer to recognize the raid. This slipped my mind and i put that disk back in, and the computer wont recognize the disk, so i made a new one, even changed the floppies, i put the floppy drive on another computer and it worked fine, and it worked fine the first time on my computer yesterday, so i don't see what could of changed. So if i can get this stupid thing to read the floppy i can probably run the repair, but with my luck this last month of trying to get this stupid computer to work thats not gunna happen. So lets asume everything on my computer (hardware wise) is fine, and i just need to repair ntfs.sys on my computer without using the windows cd, how would i go about doing this?

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I doubt if you can 'assume everything's fine' if you forgot...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Memory is fine

If you forgot to insert the disk for the RAID.

There is an element of uncertainty with this?

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well then

by Sephiroth__VII In reply to I doubt if you can 'assum ...

Well then lets assume every piece of hardware i own is broke. Why? because thats the easy solution. It could be it, could not be, but the problems I'm having now has to deal with a corrupted file, which I'm trying to figure out how to fix. There isn't a single thing leading me to believe my hardware is deffective other than other people telling me it because they don't whats wrong. Memory test came clean, CPU test came clean, HDD test came clean, Peripherals all have been exchanged and work in different computers. Mind you everything did work fine about 6 hours ago. I'll run every single test you guys come up with if you think it will help even if involves me setting my PC upside down and wrapping it in tin foil. But there has to be some way to repair this file without, or even doing a clean boot with my computer.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to well then

about giving us some specs on your build. One thing that I do know is that we arn't clairvoyants. :)

Motherboard Manufacturer, version
Hard Drive Types, Sata/IDE
CD/DVD Types, Sata/IDE


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Fresh Start

by Jacky Howe In reply to Ntfs.sys corrupted & BSOD ...

So I take it that you have followed the steps from Pages 73 - 82 of the manual and your connections are like this.

SataII0 > Primary Drive
SataII1 > Secondary Drive
SataII2 > DVD 1
SataII3 > DVD 2

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