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NTL Registration in good condition or just a sign of troubles to come?

By comasic ·
As a veteran broadband & ADSL user in the UK I have come accustomed to the up?s and down?s in the day to day reception of services. However my resources and attention have been drawn lately to one service provider in particular. NTL Just like many other service providers have their fair share of down time and service issues. But the last part of August and the first few weeks of September seem to of been a struggle for NTL. While it has been noted that NTL are in the process of rolling out large scale upgrades and making changes up and down the country something is not quite going as well as planned. As per the NTL Telephone status line +44 0800 052 4315 All new customers seem to have been unable to activate or register their newly installed broadband modems on to the NTL network. Information as to why is scarce and the NTL service status page has as yet not been updated. My concerns are being raised about the planning and support NTL have in place to be able to support its existing and future broadband users. In this day and age dual systems and redundancy along with good backup and Administrative practices should be able to provide a 24-7 secure service. With this in mind even if the end of the world event does happen to bring down your registration servers, a short outage to enable the system techies to re configure and get them restored should only take at worst case a few days.

Unfortunately I have to report that NTL registration services have been down for a period extending into a marathon two weeks. It looks like this is to continue to be the case for the time being unless NTL have a contingency plan to bypass the failing registration systems and manually assist users to get up and running. Come on NTL move with the times and get your support structure and priorities sorted.

With the upgrades now in full flow and the problems with registration still dead in the water will NTL learn from its mistakes and offer the service its paying customers expect or are we to expect more problems now that the bandwidth for each user is being increased.
Any one else have any comments on what is going on within NTL and the Registration saga or its ability to improve the service up time? Comments welcome.

Perhaps i should suggest to NTL to get a techrepublic subscription for the techies... you never know it may help them sort out some of their problems.

- Its now 2/10/2004 a week or more on and the service is still down and as yet no comments from TechRepublic subscribers.. any one else having problems registering and found out any information as to why the service is down?

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