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ntldr is missing

By jwong ·
Does anyone know an easy way to recover from this error message? It was generated when I attempted to install an old xerox xe80 printer on a winxp station. It didn't install properly with the drivers that it came with and an error message came up saying that it overwrote some win xp files (didn't mention which ones). That's when I discovered the driver was not an XP driver. I rebooted the system and the error message no longer came up. I found an XP driver at the Xerox site and installed it then deinstalled the old driver. That's when the "ntldr is missing" message started popping up. Now it doesn't go into the operating system at all. I was going to try to locate ntldr on a winxp cd and reinstall it to see if that would help but I don't know where that's stored by the OS. The previous administrator also installed a separate partition with the XP OS on it. What are my options to fixing this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I really cannot say how the problem occurred during your attempt to install a printer driver. But, the message indicates that files needed during the boot process have become damaged or deleted. NTLDR may be missing, or a file that points to it is damaged or missing.

To recover, you need to run the "Emergency Repair Process" using your bootable Windows XP CD. Here's a link:

Err Msg: Boot - Can't Find NTLDR, or Windows Could Not Start..;en-us;101862

Did this help?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to ntldr is missing


As well as the above, a common cause of this is when a floppy disk is accidentally left in the drive. Check your floppy drive for a disk... Also, make sure your boot sequence is designed to access your bottable partition first (normally C:).

Good luck

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NTLDR is missing

by tomhus21 In reply to ntldr is missing

I get the same error message, but only when I use the HD in my HP Omnibook 4150. I use the same HD in my Toshiba 8000 and it boots up XP with no trouble. Anybody have a clue as to why??

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the only fix i ever get to work

by katriscomputers In reply to ntldr is missing

is to boot with win xp cd and reinstall windows. dont format the drive, when asked, leave file system intact. when your done, you will have to reinstall all programs, and that will solve it. you wont lose any work and if you select show hidden files and go to documents and settings folder you will see your new user name and the old. go to the old and copy over your documents folder and favorites folder and your all set. make a restore point so in the future you can not go through this ****.

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