"NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt del" is it a jumper issue?

By pintree3 ·
One of 2 hard drive crashed. I bought a new one-installed windows XP home from original OEM CD. But it gave me the option to install it in G: and not C: How could it be? I asked myself. Is it possible the store placed the jumpers of the 2 hard drives wrongly?

Had no time to check so I installed Windows on G: No problems overall except that it would not boot without Windows OS CD iun it. Used PC and windows on G for a few months.

Finally reinstalled windows but this time C: was available--Oh Goody.

After original installation process on reboot I am shown a choice to choose from 2 identical Windows XP Home. OH OH! Choose the first. Windows appears not to have been installed properly. Tried to format drive with other Windows os (now on D) but couldn't. Reboot on safe mode. Delete files on . reboot. 2 window XP choices still available. format drive via windows install CD.

Reinstall windows one more time. This time all is OK.

Go online. attain and install (one at a time each with a reboot) VGA drivers, sound card drivers, and usb and internet drivers.

all ok. go to motherboard website and upddate bios. Site says after update it will reboot. but it doesn't reboot. I do so manually. go back online and try again. same thing but this time on reboot I go to BIOS set up and see that in fact the new bios was installed. continue then with booting in. all seems ok.

Do some windows properties settings such as screen resolution etc. all is ok. reboot. all is ok. Install Sygate personal firewall. am asked to reboot. I do so.

on reboot I get the "NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt del"

what happened? Now what? Is the problem, because the 2 hard drives were set wrongly and now confusing things due to all the stuff done on it?


is it because I had 2 equal OS's on it and deleted them?

Or is it the BIOS update thing that caused the problem? Who knows but now I am stuck with not being able to boot in.

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Well what has happened here is that the new drive was fitted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to "NTLDR is missing press c ...

And then you used the Install Disc to Format it. When you do this it is moved to the end of the drive chain. So if you had another HDD and an Optical Drive the new HDD would be called E. If you have your second HDD formatted to several Partitions they would be labeled C,D,E and so on till all of the Partitions are allocated then the Optical Drive and finally the New HDD would be listed.

However if you stopped things after the format and restarted the computer and this is a IDE Drive set to Master it would appear now as the C Drive the next HDD would be the D Drive and so on till you have all of the allocated HDD's or Partitions named and then finally you would have the Optical Drive.

So in answer to your Question No it's not a Jumpering Issue it is a Install Issue to a Blank unformatted HDD and this is just how the Windows Installer works. if you need to format anything it is always moved to the last lowest available after all other HDD/Partitions have been allocated followed by the Optical Drives.

At a guess here I would say that the BIOS needs resetting so enter it check the Date & Time and set the HDD to Auto Detect. Then save the Changes when you Exit the BIOS and hopefully that should cure your current problems.

You should only need to update the BIOS when you have problems like a HDD not being correctly recognized or something like that, if everything is working OK you are not gaining any benefit from Flashing the BIOS.


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Maybe, but sorry no

by pintree3 In reply to Well what has happened he ...

thanks for taking the time to help me.
what you say makes sense, however in checking, "I would say that the BIOS needs resetting so enter it check the Date & Time and set the HDD to Auto Detect." I saw that those were already as you mentioned. however I also noticed the following:
IDE Primary master (my dvd-r player)
IDE Primary slave (my DC-r player)
IDE Secondary master (empty)
IDE Secondary slave (empty)
IDE 3d master (one of the hard drives--has 2 partitions)
IDE 3d slave (the other hard drive--also has 2 partitions).
Does this seem right to you?

Why I suspect the problem lies with the hardware installation:
When I went to the shop I told them not to install windows since I had my own OEM of it.
When I went to pick up my computer with the new hard drive--their copy of windows was o it. I asked them why they would do such a thing--since -a- I specifically told them I had my own -b- having their copy on my pc is illegal
Naturally they wanted to charge me for this installation but luckily I had evidence that i never asked for such thing and so they went on and uninstalled the windows OS. Meanwhile I turn around to speak to someone, when I turn back I see the guy fiddling with my HDD--asking myself why he would be fiddling with it, since IT has nothing to do with the uninstallation of the OS. He replied in Chinese, which I do not speak and the translation of it sounded like a bad excuse to me.
Anyhow, in going home the C: drive which was where the original (his version) of the OS was on, was no longer available--only G: was
and hence the beginning of my story that started this post.
NO my suspicion points there and only there.
I'll get a tech soon to hopefully see if I am right or wrong--and I'll let you know once I do.
Meanwhile I would still like opinions, so hopefully avoiding the need of a tech.

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2 things you can try

by Sue T In reply to Maybe, but sorry no

I came across the following. I haven't tried it but maybe it will work for you.
Boot using the Windows XP installation disk, press R. Then type the following commands:

BOOTCFG /rebuild
copy E:\i386\NTLDR
ATTRIB -arsh ntldr
copy e:\i386\NTDETECT.COM
ATTRIB -arsh ntdetect.com

E: should be the location of your CDRom where you have the Windows install disk located.
and check if those files are in the root : NTLDR boot.ini ntdetect.com
I also found this on Microsoft's site, here is the link to it.
good luck.

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Well I would say here that they wiped that Drive with something

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Maybe, but sorry no

Like Boot & Nuke or Kill Disc which deletes all trace of anything written to the Drive.

As far as the Drive only being G this is quite likely due to the fact that the Hardware works that way and you will always find that the IDE Drives will be listed lower int he Drive Chain that SATA Drives will.

If you attacked this with a Cloning Utility and attempted to clone to a Blank Drive it would by Hardware always be the Last Drive Letter int he chain unless the Optical Drives and other Plug In devices had been moved to the end of the Drive Letter Chain. So if you had of tried a OEM install you would have found that the Blank New Drive would have resided in the same position and you need to first format it then restart the system to finish the Install if you want to make that the C Partition.

Now to your question about the Drive Designations in BIOS

IDE Primary master (my dvd-r player)
IDE Primary slave (my DC-r player)
IDE Secondary master (empty)
IDE Secondary slave (empty)
IDE 3d master (one of the hard drives--has 2 partitions)
IDE 3d slave (the other hard drive--also has 2 partitions).
Does this seem right to you?

Yep it does as the First Drive will always be a IDE Drive and here I'm assuming that the DVD and DC-r are IDE. Depending on your M'Board Make & Model if it has 2 IDE Channels the Secondary Chanel should remain empty unless you install some more IDE Drives and the Third Chanel will be your SATA Drive/s. As for then having more than 1 Partition on each drive in BIOS this only lists the actual HDD's not the Virtual Ones so BIOS doesn't actually look at the Partitions on the Drives just the Actual Drives and even then it just reads the BIOS of the HDD itself.

The only real thing you need to look at here is to make sure that the SATA Drives are connected to Sockets 1 & 2 on the SATA Connectors not any of the higher ones. While the system should work if it is it will load and run faster if you connect the Primary SATA Drive to SATA 1 and the Secondary SATA Drive to SATA 2 Connectors.


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Just curious

by Jacky Howe In reply to "NTLDR is missing press c ...

how did this popup almost two weeks after the last post?

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