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NTLDr missing

By cruzvljr ·
problem 1.) I opened a celeron 366 PC (with 128Mb RAM running in winxp). RAM did run at 128Mb, hard disk and cd-rom were detected. but when the computer is starting to initialize, 'ESCD successfully updated' came out on the screen and followed by an error message 'NTLDR is missing'. this error message stop the computer from running, booting and opening winxp. what do you think is the problem? is NTLDR a corrupted file in winxp? please do help me.
problem 2.) i opened a P-III 466Mhz, 128 Mb RAM, running in windows ME. nothing came out on the screen and i heard series of short beeps with 1 or 2 seconds interval. i turned the PC off. when i turned it on the computer booted and opened windows ME. after 30-40 minutes the computer hangs and i rebooted it. the problem came out again. no display, series of short beeps. i turn the PC off and opened it again. the computer booted and opened windows ME again. what do you think is the problem. is the RAM or memory? please do help.
problem 3.) i cannot open for hp's 24hr 7 days a week tech support. i got this website from hp cdwriter **00 plus manual.
problem 4.) which is the most reliable and durable 52x cd-rom drive, lite on ltn 526 or sony CDU 5221?

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by Bobsta In reply to NTLDr missing

1)Yes NTLDR is a corrupted you need to boot up from a XP CD and run setup.
2) Yes sounds like it's your RAM, re-seat the RAM and your Display card, still not working replace the RAM.
3)Go to HP.COM and follow links to CD Writer.
4)Sony CDU 5221

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