By Niklar ·
I have a working xp on my computer but the strange thing is that I seem to not have any boot.ini or ntldr. I have used attrib in cmd and also "unhidden" files in normal xp window, without beeing able to find them.
I have had acronis backup and restore installed (now uninstalled) and I have also Vmware server installed (not in use).

When trying to find anything about the subject on internet everybody is telling that it has to be an boot.ini

The reason I want to know is that symantec backup exec cant restore this system to another harddisk as I need to do.

Thanks for any hint

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Where are you looking for them?

by seanferd In reply to ntldr

Should be in the root of the boot drive.

But you can't do what you want with a backup program, you need imaging software. Some drive vendors provide cloning tools with the new drive or at their site.

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As stated above you need to look in the Root of the Boot Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ntldr

And ideally not from within Windows. But if all you want to do is clone the Drive Disc Wizard from Seagate should be all you require


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by Niklar In reply to As stated above you need ...

I'm looking in the root of C: using attrib from a cmd window, shouldn't that work?
Doing the "image" using symantec backup exec system recovery 2010 (desktop edition).
Since I want to move from a segate to a WD I was thinking that only the WD software would work (tried that without success)

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RE: using attrib from a cmd window

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to C:

Well maybe it should but Windows being windows it may not. Depends on other factors here, you should look at the File Table on the Boot Drive from a Boot Disc and not from within Windows to begin with.

Symantec Backup I'm not sure about as I have not used it for a long time now and I'm no longer sure how it works. But if you have the Boot Drive on a Partition not an entire HDD the Base Boot Files are on the Root of the HDD that the Primary Boot Drive is not the Root of that Partition. :0

Here it really sounds as if you do not have the Boot Drive Partition on the Primary/Master Drive and that is what is causing the problem here.


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Thanks for that info

by Niklar In reply to RE: [i]using attrib from ...

I had tunnelvision, but with your help I found it on (have 3 partitions).
I'm a bit curious how it ended up there as I created the C: partition first and installed xp plus some applications, much later I created and E:
Will now inform Symantec support that has been workin on this case (at lest 2 different persons) for 2 weeks.


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Give OH Smeg a Thumb or two!

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for that info

Mark his posts as "Helpful".

I'm sure Symantec will be pleased. :)

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LOL! Not me! Give them to OH Smeg.

by seanferd In reply to Give OH Smeg a Thumb or t ...

I don't deserve one, but thanks anyway.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LOL! Not me! Give them to ...

I'm still laughing from yesterday when I saw the results of your above post. :^0


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I guess that is how one gets them, then.

by seanferd In reply to LOL! Not me! Give them to ...

We've been going about it the wrong way all this time. :^0

It's funny all over again, now.

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So now..

by Niklar In reply to LOL! Not me! Give them to ...

Went a bit fast..
so how do I give 2 thumbs to smeg

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