NTUSER.dat is not copying registry settings to new profiles. Why?

By diggity801 ·
When I load and modify the NTUser.dat hive from the Default Profile (c:\documents and settings\default\ntuser.dat), it doesn't copy those registry changes to the new profiles when they are first created. I was under the impression that this was the entire purpose of this file in the default folder was to copy over the registry settings from it to the new profiles.

I want all new profiles to have a black background, no screen saver, no power management, autohide task back, single click. I have identified those registry keys and changed them in the NTUser.dat file but they do not copy over to the new profiles that I create at login.

The new profiles still have that damn bliss.bmp wallpaper and all the normal default settings of an enabled screen saver.

What am I doing wrong?

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Try this

by . Avi In reply to NTUSER.dat is not copying ...

This work for windows XP
log in using administrator account
perform the changes you want
log in to a different administrator account
go to c:\document and settings\ and rename the default profile to .orig
go to system properties > advanced > profiles
choose the 1st admin account you used and copy it to "document and settings"\Default Profile
and on permission set "everyone" full control
log in with a new user account to test this

use this for windows 7: (won't post url as it's being delayed when comment contains url)

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Reponse To Answer

by diggity801 In reply to Try this

I got it to work by just taking a completely configured profile and copying its NTUSER.dat to the default user folder. I couldn't tell you why that works when copying the existing NTUSER.dat file in the default user folder doesn't. I've tested it several times and it seems to have no pitfalls with doing that.

I'll try your method too and see what happens. Thanks!

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by . Avi In reply to NTUSER.dat is not copying ...

Well, technically it's the same as copying manually, glad it sorted out!

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