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Nuke 'em from Orbit says MS

By Dr Dij ·
A Microsoft security official says malware is becoming near impossible to detect and/or remove due to rootkits. He suggests companies have setup to quickly re-image their drives, or "nuke 'em from orbit" as he says.,1895,1945782,00.asp
and same on TR blog:

Do you spend hours fixing these or re-image?
I guess if it's rootkits, you may not even KNOW you have a problem?!

(even the sysinternals detector won't find all of them according to their own info, tho it probably finds most current ones)

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if you beleive that I got a bridge

by jackie40d In reply to Nuke 'em from Orbit says ...

Anything MS says I laugh at ! I guess they never heard of Web Root dot Com has some very good sypware remover stuff but it cost money too . . Its why I do not have IE nor Outlook on my computer and will run 3rd party stuff before I run MS stuff for 90 percent of stuff keeps my computer free of their updates and worms or virus's which are made by or sent with up dates from MS . . As if you check on the date you got a virus or worm it will be just after a UPDATE . . I do not have automatic up dates only manual ones and I run Win 2 K Pro not the XP ( ahumm ) stuff !

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I was just fascinated

by Dr Dij In reply to if you beleive that I got ...

that MS would recommend this, kind of admitting they have a major uncurable problem :) (or ?)

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