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    Nullsoft Makes Music Site Universally Compatible!


    by the_webninja9 ·

    One of the things I missed most when I switched to Ubuntu was Winamp. And I begged and pleaded with the makers of Winamp to make a Linux version of Winamp. At that time their reply was “Never”. 🙂

    But as James Bond says Never say Never.
    Cause now Nullsoft has made a Universally Compatible Website Capable of Playing Music Streams (Internet Radio Streams) on all Platforms, including Ubuntu! 🙂

    They redesigned the Winamp Application to be a kind of Web Based application instead of making it a Windows Specific Design. Which makes sense because the Music Streams actually come from Specific Internet IP addresses, so making Winamp a Web Based application makes perfect sense when you think about it.

    But actually Winamp is a Separate Entity from Shoutcast, and what is actually on homepage is called a “Nullsoft Internet Radio Player”
    So they don’t actually CALL it Winamp, but it looks and works basically the Same as the old Winamp only it is Web Based.

    I was so happy when I discovered this, cause this is exactly what I was asking them for, and they DID IT! So I want to say Thanks again to all the Designers who worked on that Project. And if you are Running Ubuntu or Linux, I was able to Listen to the Shoutcast Streams using their new Internet Radio Directory Player,
    using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Google Chrome Browser.

    Dance on people 🙂

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