Numara Track-IT!

By cameronpbarden ·
Our Numara Track-IT program runs off of our INTRANET Network. The problem we are having isn't a big one - it is just that it takes forever to load! Anything we can do about this, or is there anyone out there that is having the same problem?

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We had the same problem.

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Numara Track-IT!

Not only is it extremely slow, it's very unstable. We've switched to servicedesk plus.

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what to do...

by cameronpbarden In reply to We had the same problem.

Is there any way to fix this problem without going to another software? The city uses this program to track all IT and Webmaster jobs... it would be difficult and expensive to re-train people to use another piece of software. Are their no other options other than to switch to another program?

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We weren't able to get it fixed

by Mr.Wiz In reply to what to do...

Maybe they'll work better with you. The software was better before Numara bought it.

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If you have either

by IC-IT In reply to what to do...

essential or premium care, you can get a free upgrade to Ver 8.0 Supposidly it is less resource intensive.

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Hold off Ver 8

by mden1 In reply to If you have either

Version 8 is extreamly buggy and has a much different layout than previous versions. I highly recommend testing it to make sure it doesn't make things worse.

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