Number of sub OUs

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I have an OU called Managed Desktops. I want to create about 40 sales offices under this OU for WSUS. I will put computers into each sales office OU. Any problems with having 40 OUs underneath. Thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

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keeping track of the RSOP.

by CG IT In reply to Number of sub OUs

domain wide group policy would be applied to all OUs and then the OUs GPOS get applied. The results of both provide the final set of group policy. If there are conflicts, then the lowest link value gets applied. So it's possible that a GPO at the OU level with a link value of 1 overrides a conflict with a domain wide group policy resulting in a user that has more or less settings than what was desired.

If you nest OUs it gets even more complicated.

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keep in mind to

by cpubymike In reply to keeping track of the RSOP ...

Don't nest your OUs too deeply, one Ou with 40 sub OUs in it is fine but going 40 levels deep will take so long to apply.

General rule of thumb is 10 deep at most

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