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Number tracking on a website

By Aldanatech ·
I need to impliment shipment tracking capabilities for a freight company. It should allow customers to track their shipments after the company scanned the numbers. Any ideas on what the best approach would be? Does anybody know of a good online service I can use for this purpose?

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by Aldanatech In reply to Number tracking on a webs ...

Here is an example of what I might need to pull off:

Of course there is no need for me to make that busy, but it does need to have tracking capabilities one way or another. I appreciate any kind of help.

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by In reply to Number tracking on a webs ...

Hello Aldana...

Q: Any ideas on what the best approach would be?
A: This is an IT project that is likely vital to the business' success. The best approach would be to do a formal project. Formally analyze, define requirements, review alternatives, propose a solution, etc.

Q: Does anybody know of a good online service I can use for this purpose?
A: I know of no freight-specific online services. Consulting and outsourcing are widely available. Caveat emptor.

Questions ARE the answer to this question :-)...

Implementing a customer self-service shipment tracking system for a freight company depends on many factors. Some of them are:

For example, UPS and FedEx have very different automation problems and scale issues to solve vs. a shipper that needs to track containers on ships. The latter has relatively few customers and shipments to track.

UPS and FedEx have many locations and mobile scanners that scan the bar codes and feed the data to a central system. A smaller shipper may have reduced needs and capabilities.

Which IT pieces are already in place and cannot or should not be replaced? For example, does the shipper already have a tracking system but it is just not available to customers on the web? If so, using the existing system, and existing data sources, would be a priority.

IT is a strategic resource. What are the competitors of this shipper doing with respect to this? How important is it for this shipper to meet or exceed what the competitors are doing in order to win in the marketplace? Merely doing a good thing is usually insufficient to beat the competition. Know thy enemy.

UPS and FedEx have huge IT budgets. A small shipper competing on price has a small budget. The budget will greatly influence the options and choices in such a project.

Does this help?

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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by manmohan74 In reply to Number tracking on a webs ...

I am trying to provide a simple solution, not sure if this is what you are looking for.

Most of the freight carriers offer shipment tracking and provide XML feeds to make direct calls to the freight carrier system and provide that information to your clients.

Usually you have to tieup with freight carrier (USPS, UPS, Fedex etc), when they pickup shipment from your clients place, they provide the tracking info, you can sync up realtime to your application, such that whenever any customer wants to check up their shipment, they can use the tracking number to check (in the background ur application makes an xml call to the frieght carrier and gets thats information) or opens a new browser to the client to check requisite information.

Freight carriers provide this standard interface


Hope this helps, do let me know if you need any additional information. (Alternatively talk to one or two freight carriers what information they require to provide this service).

Based on ur clients business and operations, freight carrier might customize to your companies needs

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