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    Numbering in Word


    by hodkinss ·

    We have had recent requests to number paragraphs both within tables and as text. Normally we would set a heading numbering (say Heading 1) then each paragraph would be formatted as as Heading 2. The alternative is to have a numbered list. This numbering would apply throughout the document.

    The recent documents have been very large and split into separate files. How do I get the numbered paragraphs to start at a specific number e.g.3.2.1 both within text and cells in a table? Is there any online sites,guides I can use?

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      Easily done

      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Numbering in Word

      You can start your numbering at any number or format you wish…

      Place your cursor where you want to place your number… go to the format menu, select bullets and Numbering, click on the “Customize” button, and you will have the option of starting at whichever number you wish.

      Good Luck

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        by hodkinss ·

        In reply to Easily done

        Thanks for that. It was a very long day yesterday and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees

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