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    numbering list in W2007

    by trmick ·

    The article did not seem to address my problem.
    I am creating a long documents listing Items with a fair amount of description (at times few paragraphs) But I’m trying to get the next logical number for each new item. Sometimes it’s smooth but all the sudden it creates havocs!
    At the end of each description I like to have a line so hit ‘return’ and a few dashes to create it. Usually it works ok. Sometimes I get a double line …And do ‘summersaults’ to fix it.
    But it’s nothing comparing to what i have to do to fix the numbering when it plays up.
    When i click in front of the items with no number or the wrong one. Sometimes I only see “numbering” in the popup list, Sometimes there is lot more. “continue Numbering”, “Set Numbering value”, “Restart at (x number)”. But this seldom seems to gives me the same result?
    I also get strange results sometimes when I reset a number. It may accept it or it changes it or shows me a preview with a rows of same letters?
    I usually get around but with no idea of how what I did fixed it. And obviously it is very time consuming…
    My understanding is, having started a numbering, every times I hit Enter I should increase the numbering by one. So I try to enter soft ‘return’ (Shift Enter) . But this does not seem to always work!
    I guess you can already tell I’m not very ‘savvy’ and I do have difficulty to follow some tutorials. But I hope to get some help on this !
    NB: I have already done all this on your left window but there is no submit button? So redone it on your Right panel???

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      Re: numbering

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to numbering list in W2007

      This sounds very familiar, alas.

      A trick that often works: copy the paragraph mark after paragraph #1 to the end of an unnumbered paragraph further down in the document. My guess is that that paragraph mark contains the instruction and the sequence to number the paragraph.
      You have to set Word to show the unprintable characters like tabs, paragraphs and such on the screen. That happens to be my favorite setting.

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