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By FluxIt ·
Ok folks, got one for you. You'll love this.

There is this nut - a whacked out person who thinks he knows everything about computers. This nut knows little about programming, dominates meetings, and touts himself as a senior level genius eventhough he sounds like an idiot every time he talks. At one point he worked on the team but because of his behavior they moved him to another project.

The client then went into fits demanding that this nut be put back onto the project not because this nutcase had some special value. But because the client paid for some training the nut had and now wants to recoup the cost eventhough the nut is clueless, abrasive, and codes like a first grader learning to write. Moreover, the client inappropriately used funds to pay for this training and now he has stirred an internal investigation after throwing his fit.

Anyhow, the nut then blackmails the contracting company into a pay raise and gets reassigned to code. So it was suggested that we assign him to the client to be directly tasked by them and they can put up with his crap. Moreover, I heard rumblings from other team members of an anonymous tip to the investigators since no one else got a paid raise.

By the way we only actually do work 1 to 2 hours a day. The rest of the time we spend dealing with this kind of crap.

Is this the kind of stuff we have to put up with in IT? Is this what it is becoming?

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Sometimes you feel like a nut

by maxwell edison In reply to NUTS GET PAY RAISES TOO

It's good to get this off your chestnut, and we're almond willing to help. However, nuts come in so many different shapes and sizes, that this may be a tough filbert to crack. But it would be interesting to be a fly on your walnut.

You know, this just sounds like a classic case of someone wanting to reign over the pinion. I've learned that most nuts are high in fathead content, so you do have to take them with a grain of salted.

Don't me misled, however, as some nuts are really fruits. A mixed bag of nuts is, most likely, what you really have.

Break out of your shell and talk to the nut, you know, cashew the fat with him. Of course, if you do, he just might bolt.

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Sometimes you don't
Peter Paul Almond Joy's got nuts
Mounds don't

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very cute Maxwell..

by maecuff In reply to Sometimes you feel like a ...

However, I now have that stupid jingle in my head.

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by slipspeed In reply to very cute Maxwell..

Ditto... Curse you!

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That's what happens. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to very cute Maxwell..

....when it's 3 in the morning and you can't sleep. I was able to go back to sleep after that, but I dreamed I was being chased by Mr. Peanut all night (I know, he's really a legume).

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And I thought it was just me..

by maecuff In reply to That's what happens. . .

Little snippets of songs keep me up at night ALL the time, it sounds funny, but at 3 am it's definitly not funny. And it's never the whole song..just one line. I had Elvis Costello in my head last night.. And you tease and you flirt and you shine all the buttons on your green shirt.. over and over. Is that called an earwig? Whatever it is, I wish it came with a mute button.

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Thanks for the laugh

by TomSal In reply to That's what happens. . .

That was good. I like Mounds and Almond Joy AND imagine my nightmare. lol.

Very clever post though (at least it made me laugh).


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Yes you do...

by hugh In reply to NUTS GET PAY RAISES TOO

Hey Mr.Miami. Living in Miami my self I can say yes you do have to deal with this kind of crap. I see it more and more every day. They take people right off the boat and say "Well you were a doctor over there?! Well now your a Computer Professional here! Welcome to America, don't for get to stop by MDC and learn english!" An'it miami great? :) As for your nut, I think you should just let the client deal with him. Or just have a meeting with all the suprvisors and deal with him. But I do know how frustrating it can be dealing with nuts... just like the other dude said... don't fly off your walnut

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by FluxIt In reply to Yes you do...

This is getting a little squirrely. This nut is now suddenly co-operative. He somehow found sanity. Who knows how long this will last before he has spontaneous combustion?

Yeah, Miami is great! They pay 20k to 30k below the national average and expect professionalism. I had one employer tell me he pays SUN Dollars and ask if that was ok with me. I told him sure. On sun dollars I work 3 days and spend the other 4 in the SUN!

Another employer insisted on putting me through a battery of test. I told him I was a professional and I am tested every day. He still insisted, gave me several test to include Wordperfect, Word, Access, Excel, NT Server, and IIS. I scored 92 to 100 point on these exams. He remarked that he had never had anyone do that and offered me a job. I turned it down because I questioned the ability of the other workers.

One thing is for certain. If you want to make it in South Florida. You got to network like a bandit and start your own company.

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by FluxIt In reply to NUTS GET PAY RAISES TOO

After reading some of the postings it appears that there are more nuts than I thought. Perhaps it is just the nature of the beast. IT people have to be nuts.

I wonder how IT people compare to some of world's greatest nuts? For example, Woody Allen, Buddy Hackett, or the Three Stooges... Or is it the case that when IT people look into the mirror they see a superhero when in fact they are more like the joker?

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