nvidia 6100 motherboard problem

By eddandmilowerednova ·
I recently bought an Nvidia 6100 motherboard with an athlon64 x2 processor and wired it all up to find that when I turn it on the fans go and the drives work but there's no signal to the monitor. Also, when the 4 pin plug from the power unit is plugged in and the computer is on, there is an infinitley repeating tone and the CD drives work, and when it's not connected theres no tone but the drives don't work (by that I mean just open and close). I dont think its a monitor problem as the keyboard and mouse lights don't flash when I turn it on and the monitor works on other computers. I've tried it with different power units and no change. And I dont know if it makes a difference but im not using a graphics card.

I've never wired up a motherboard before so I'm hoping its just some stupid mistake I've made and not a dud board...

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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New build faults

by mjd420nova In reply to nvidia 6100 motherboard p ...

One of the biggest problems I see on new builds is the missing or dislogded insulating washers on the underside of the MOBO. They either don't get placed properly or not at all. This will short part of the power supply and cause the faults you are seeing. I replace them with nylon or plastic ones to eliminate this kind of headache. This does sound like the 5 volt supply is getting shorted.

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still no luck

by eddandmilowerednova In reply to New build faults

Im reasonably sure that its not shorting. Im not using washers of any kind but Ive been told using them can really damage the board. And I set it all up outside of the case on a piece of cardboard and no change anyway.
-Its not a RAM issue as the beeping may suggest as Ive tried different RAM and no change.
-Ive tried a new and more powerfull power unit and no change
-Applied new heat transfer grease and no change.
-Im not using a graphics card but the board has integrated graphics so that shouldnt be it (at least i think it has integrated graphics - it has a VGA port). Is there anything it can be other than the motherboard itself?

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New build or rebuild?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to nvidia 6100 motherboard p ...

Is this a new build, meaning you purchased the motherboard and other parts to create a computer or is it a rebuild meaning you simply replaced the motherboard and cpu? Does the hdd have the OS already installed? What exact model number of MB do you have.

Check to make sure your cpu is properly seated and none of the pins are bent in the seating process. Redo your connections.

When you say there's no signal to the monitor is that prompt on the screen "no signal" or is the screen black? Can you enter the bios at all?

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rebuild with new MOBO/CPU/HD

by eddandmilowerednova In reply to New build or rebuild?

Its a rebuild, but a fair amount of the parts are new. Its a new Motherboard and CPU (which came in a bundle with the CPU already installed so i havent checked that connection but i assumed they did it alright) and a new hard drive with nothing on it. the motherboard is a geforce 6100 with the nvidia 405 chipset.
And the monitor says no signal, nothing flashes on the keyboard or mouse either but when i switch it on the fans go and power gets to all the drives. Its that endlessly repeating beep thats throwing me; I've no idea what the problem could be.

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What RAM are you using?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to nvidia 6100 motherboard p ...

Boot problems are tough to troubleshoot but usually result from PS issues, CPU issues or RAM issues. What is your PS rated?

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PS as in post script?

by eddandmilowerednova In reply to What RAM are you using?

PS as in post script? I've never dealt with that before, what could be wrong there?
CPU is connected fine, and i've tried a few different sticks of DDR2 to no evail. Though I've been told that repeating beeps on the Award BIOS that I have suggests a RAM issue...

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As in power supply...

by Mayhem1969 In reply to PS as in post script?

How many watts is it? That's why I asked about the RAM. Its difficult to tell about the RAM issue without the exact manufacturer and model number of your motherboard. I know that model motherboard uses shared DDR2 RAM, which means that it shares RAM with the on board graphics. I don't know if your board is dual channel or not or how much or what kind your using. If you can rule out the CPU and the Power Supply, I would guess its the RAM or a bad MB. You may also need to check your settings on the monitor. For regular VGA display that board has a maximum 75hz frequency display.

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