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Nvidia 7600 GT And XP Problems???

By bobmethelis ·
I was about to buy a new Gateway desktop with XP NOT Vista with a Nvidia Geoforce 7600GT video card.

Gateway called me and siad they have the system onhold becasue of probolems with the 7600GT working with Windows XP.

Does anyone have any information on what this is all about. Nvidia's website is a mess and I could find no info.

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I don't know about just being Xp related........

by btp40d In reply to Nvidia 7600 GT And XP Pr ...

But, there is many problems with 7600 GT's in SLI mode. Myself Included. This problem has not been addressed by Nvidia or it's subs. I always get the same response, "It's a software issue". Well 400$ later there still is no solution. I bought the cards for 200$ each in July '06. In my personal opinion, stay away from the 7600 series like it's the black plaugue. 8600GT&GTS are a little more money but worth the increase in performance and support.

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