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nvidia drivers

By hayden1978 ·
everytime i upgrade to the latest driver 56.72_winxp2k_english_whql..and i reboot i get a blue screen error stating....
***stop 0x00000007 F (ox00000000, 0x00000000,
0x00000000, 0x00000000) error...can anyone help me with my problem.I have a Visiontek 420mx graphic card

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by Oz_Media In reply to nvidia drivers

For the visiotek cards you should be using the Visiontek drivers not the NVidea drivers, NVidea simply suplies the chipset for the Visiontek cards, not the drivers.

Try this page:

This will cover ALL Nvidea based cards from TNT through to the GeForce4TI for all OS's.

I use a Visiontek card on my gaming machine and have found that ONLY the Visiontek drivers will work.

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by hayden1978 In reply to

i've been using these drivers all the time and they have never gived me trouble......thanks anyway Oz but can someone else please help me...

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by JamesRL In reply to nvidia drivers

They say **** is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

I've always used nVidia's drivers myself.

But I think before you dismiss Oz's suggestion, you should try it.

There is more to a video card than the main controller chip. And as far as I know, there is no certification process to prove that changes to the drivers will be backwards compatible with all boards. So its quite possible that nVidia would come out with new drivers that fail where older drivers worked.

Try the Visiontek drivers.


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by Chris910 In reply to nvidia drivers

I see this error on Dell Computers running XP quite frequently and in most cases it has turned out to be bad memory.

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by hayden1978 In reply to

the memory i have is crucial 2...thanks anyway

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by Oz_Media In reply to nvidia drivers

I understand what you are saying, I also USED to use NVidea drivers. When I had the same problem you are having, I called NVidea and they told me to only use the Visiontek drivers. When I contacted Visiontek, they would not offer any help UNTIL I had installed THIER drivers.

Food for thought.

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by hayden1978 In reply to

visiontek haven't updated there nvidia drivers 4 a long time...there is no sense using them....

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by RCOM In reply to nvidia drivers

Stop 0X7f is usually related to some type of hardware failure/mismatch or driver issue. Since you're installing drivers we'll assume that to be somehow involved in the situation. Just in case it may be a good time to remove the video card and clean the contacts with a pen eraser and make sure its seated good. AGP cards have a tendency to slip up out of the back of the slot causing a faulty or intermittant connection. If there's more than one stick of ram switch them in slots if they're not exactly the same take all but one out while trouleshooting. The new driver may be sending requests to a bad location in the ram that hasn't been exposed before. By switching them the location is chaged and the problem may not come up. Either way it may simply be a bad stick of ram or the video card ram.

There may be an issue with the installation procedure. Installing the NVidia drivers.

If you have virus software which I hope you do, disable it before installing the Nvidia driver.

Boot to safe mode and uninstall the original video driver first. There may be files that exsist from the old driver tht are not overwritten and may somehow cause a conflict.

There may be some other software that's conflicting with the new driver. So if there's multi-media software like for DVD players etc you can uninstall them first too.

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by Oz_Media In reply to nvidia drivers

You seem to e missing the point.

What is your objective for using new drivers? You don't need an updated driver unless yours has a problem.

Here's a though, if you have an Visiontek card and Visiontek AND NVidea recommend using the Visiontek drivers and you refuse to, how can you say you have a problem?

From what I can see, the only problem is that you are using the wrong drivers to begin with. Were you hoping one of us would write you a new one or something? If the dirvers work, why would Visiontek possibly waste time and money writing a new version?


Any tech support company is going to tell you to install the correct drivers BEFORE calling for help.

As a mechanic, I am constantly running into clients that insist, "oh no it's not my brakes, they were replaced 6 months ago".
So why did you bring it to me then?

Geez, you try and help some people....

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by RCOM In reply to nvidia drivers

0x7f error messages are mostly caused by faulty hardware but could be related to software and/or drivers. There is some issues with WinXP SP1.

When debugging this type of error the sections of the error point to different problems. The second part of your message "0x00000000" is a Divide by Zero Error. This is usually related to the CPU or bad ram. If you are over clocking your processor, set it back to the correct speed.

Clean the contacts on the video card with a pen eraser.

Run diagnostic software and test the RAM in the computer. Replace any RAM reported as bad. Also, make sure all the RAM in the computer is the same speed. If more than one stick of ram remove all but one to troubleshoot the issue.

The video card CPU may have overheated or the ram may be bad.

Try removing or swapping out controllers, cards, or other peripherals.

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