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    Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX issues


    by chrmassey ·

    i use a 8800GTX video card in my computer. lately i have been having issues while playing “advance” games so to speak. when i start up guild wars, the video/graphics go slower than normal, and the audio cracks and my entire computer seems to slow down. however, if i even minimize the window, everything goes back to normal. i notice audio cracking while refreshing firefox pages while watching something in vlc. my power supply is an apevia iceberg power 680W with 2 6 pin connectors, both of which i have connected to my video card. with my old power supply, if i unhooked everything from it with the exception of my watercooler, motherboard, hd, and video card, the problem would go away and i could game as normal with awesome performance. in addition, reseating my video card (taking it out and putting it back in) also works. two days ago i resat my video card, which only created another host of problems, but once i got it back in and fixed the problems, i could game just fine. i came home the next day and explorer had crashed to the point to where i could not shut it off, so i forcibly restarted my computer, and alas the issue reappeared. right now my only option is to reformat my harddrive and possibly load vista on it, and if that doesnt work im forced to believe that my beloved video card has a fault and needs to be RMAed. when i sent a question to customer support they recommented getting rid of my overclocked processor (a 2.4 at 2.57), however this does not seem like a processor fault, is it?

    any help will be greatly appreciated as i miss my beasts performance 🙁

    just a brief description… i have guild wars up on the login menu in window mode and this problem, whatever it is, it slows down my entire computer… itunes, audio, anything and everything, even the time on my computer… im using the evga precision monitoring tool and it reports that i am getting 30-40 fps, my current cpu usage is 34%, and its temperature is 91 degrees Fahrenheit. my video card is at 70 degrees celcius (its not overclocked or anything it just runs incredibly hot) and my ram usage is 1.38 gb out of 3.25

    i undid the overclocking on my system (i had the bios do it for me so it wasnt anything i didnt know how to do) and still no improvement lol)

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      by chrmassey ·

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      Using CAPITALS occasionally would help with reading your post …

      by older mycroft ·

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      “[i]..with my old power supply, if i unhooked everything from it with the exception of my watercooler, motherboard, hd, and video card, the problem would go away..[/i]”

      Three questions:
      #1 What size/make was the old power supply?

      #2 Apart from what you’ve mentioned above, what else is connected to this power supply normally?

      #3 What is the power consumption of the water pump?

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        answers to questions

        by chrmassey ·

        In reply to Using CAPITALS occasionally would help with reading your post …

        lol sorry i did ramble abit

        1 the psu was 630W, but it only had 1 6pin connector so i was using an adapter for the second connection

        2 i have 3 fans, an extra hd, a dvd drive, and a set of cold cathode lights, which are almost never on anyways

        3 Rated Voltage: DC 12V
        Input current: 600 mA

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      Well for starters did you apply Water Cooling to the Video Card?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX issues

      Have you forced the Video Card to perform beyond it’s stated capabilities Overclocked it?

      Currently Nvidia has a host of problems with their GPU’s and they are blaming everyone but themselves for this but it appears that their GPU’s have a design flaw or at least some various models of them and as yet they are Unknown to the General Masses which ones that they are. So if the GPU is breaking down it could be one of the affected Chip Sets you may need to wait till Nvidia accept the blame for the poor design and accept responsibility for the problem and come up with a solution but the problem appears to be prevalent or exacerbated with Heat in the GPU so don’t overdrive it and wait till Nvidia make an announcement or issue a recall.

      Apparently from what I ave read Nvidia have set aside $200,000,000.00 for this problem but everyone in the media is claiming that this will not be enough. Though as you have admitted to Overclocking the CPU this may be an out for them to void the warranty and their responsibility.

      This may be of some assistance


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      My 8800GT tends to freeze whenever I run …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX issues

      Race Driver:GRID for longer than about 30 minutes. The sound tends to mimic the crackle of lightning in the last few minutes before the freeze. Even running the program on ridiculously low (practically VGA) resolution makes no difference.

      I’m hoping that by increasing the size of the exhaust fan on the case, this might subdue the occurrence of this.

      GRID is the only program that causes this lock-up.

      So, I’d go with Oh Smeg’s advice – perhaps we just have to sit it out until a solution is provided for us. 😉

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