nvidia geforce series 6 p260 flickering lines problem

By Dravenmlgpro ·
Ok so i realy need alot of help here. So yeterday i took my graphics card out of my dell xsr computer to check the name of the card. The card worked fine until i did this. Then wen i hooked everything back up horizontal flickering lines poped up on my screen. This is a very good computer and i would rather not have to toss it if its just a problem with the graphics card. I dont have any computer info because i cant see through the graphical errors. But it is a windows XP computer.

Thank you.

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Well for starters did you turn off the system and unplug it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to nvidia geforce series 6 p ...

Before you removed the Video Card? With ATX Power Supplies there is always power present when the device is turned off.

If the unit was unplugged then the obvious thing is that the Video Card has not been correctly inserted into it's Socket. Depending on the type of Video Card even standing out a very small amount can cause the Video Card to not work properly.

What I suggest you do here is to remove the Video Card after first unplugging the system and place it on some White Unused Copy Paper and run the Gold Contacts with a Rubber/Eraser on both sides of the Video Card to clean the contacts. Then Aloin it and insert it back into the socket making sure that it is pushed all the way into it's socket and that the fixing device whatever it is in your case is correctly applied. Generally it's a screw but some cases can have a clamp that locks the Back Plate Bracket in place. You need to realize that just because the Back Plate Bracket is in place doesn't mean that the Video Card is in it's socket properly.

Of course if the thing was plugged in when you pulled the Video Card anything is possible and then you'll need to really look at having a professional look at it to see if it's worth while repairing. But keep in mind that next month Microsoft stops supporting XP so most people will tell you that unless you are looking at a different OS it's not worth keeping. While I don't necessarily agree with that it really depends on what you want to do with it and what other hardware you already have that may not work with a newer Windows Operating System.


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