nvidia geforce2 mx/mx 400 agp card problems. why?

By zack247 ·
hi i installed a nvidia geforce2 mx/mx 400 agp card in my custom computer. but when i installed the drivers for it, i just get a blank screen, and the monitor receives and loses a signal. i uninstalled the drivers, and it works, but if the drivers are installed, it doesn't. why wont it work?

please tell me why

*note: windows xp home edition, 256mb ram, 10gb hdd,'98 mobo

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What drivers are you using here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to nvidia geforce2 mx/mx 400 ...

It sounds as if you have the wrong ones.

Also the MX400 generally doesn't require you to install Drivers with any form of XP as it is correctly Identified and the right drivers installed when you load the OS.


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by zack247 In reply to What drivers are you usin ...

the video card is a cmx2s, but since i couldn't find drivers for the card, i found them for the chip. and every time windows starts, i reinstalls the drivers. im not sure why.

here is the setup i used:

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Instead of using that download

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ok...

Open the Device Manager right click on the Display Adapter and left click on Update Driver. Place your XP install Disc into the Optical Drive and let the OS find it's own drivers.

That will work a treat.


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The drivers are available from NVidia

by CG IT In reply to nvidia geforce2 mx/mx 400 ...

Use the advanced search feature.

In the product type choose legacy drivers. Product series choose your card and then on Product choose your MX 400.

Choose your O/S note these are legacy drivers so you'll only get em for XP or below, then download your drivers and run the installation program.

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Exactly, only download from the mothership

by Slayer_ In reply to The drivers are available ...

The ones he found from some random download site. Not trustworthy. If they are not meant for XP could be serious problems as they won't instruct the system of the correct refresh rates.

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Got a thumb but the question is does it now work?

by CG IT In reply to The drivers are available ...

I like thumbs but heck would like to know if they got it working.....and what did you do?

OH Smegs way or NVidia web site way?

inquiring minds want to know.....

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i tried both

by zack247 In reply to Got a thumb but the ques ...

i tried both ways, but neither of them worked. oh smegs way said it could not locate any drivers.
and through nvivdia, it installed the drivers, but it didn't work. just a black screen. but one thing i found odd was that after the installation completed, the screen showed a whole bunch of tall(ish) rectangular happy faces (unless it was just me) but after it restarted, i saw the windows xp loading screen, it showed "please wait..." on the blue shaded startup screen, and then the screen started the same on-off routine. also, when i installed the video card, a couple things:
1:there was a 3-pin jumper
2:i had to replace the fan, witha larger, but equally as efficient fan. i got it from my friend, so the stckers were all gone, but i think i recall it saying something like "FonsAN" on it. it has 11 blades, and it looked a lot like this one: i hope i can get this working.(with your help of course)

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well had you posted this info originally, would have saved time

by CG IT In reply to i tried both

chances are the video card is dead.

If you got this in a box of "stuff" and the fan didn't work, then it's probable that the GPU overheated and well that's the end of that.

I'd toss it into the electronic recycler bin go get a new vid card.

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by Slayer_ In reply to well had you posted this ...

The 3D core is probably dead. The default drivers would work because they wouldn't fire up the 3D processors.
generally, if it shuts off just as the loading windows message disappears, your card is bad because that is when Windows loads up the driver for your video card.

Video card's don't last that long anymore.

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aint that just peachy

by zack247 In reply to Agreed

it was in a computer running ubuntu, and it worked just fine, but now i have to find a new one. thats just great. because i dont have the couple hundred dollars that it would cost me to get a new one.

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