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    Nvidia Geforce2 ti Video Card


    by billiam_nc ·

    Im running an AMD Sempron processor 2600+ 1.6 ghz with 760 ram. I play this game its called freestyle street basketball. And i have an on board video card. its not a very good one but im not sure what kind it is. But i purchased an nvidia geforce2 ti video card an installed it, whenever i update the card to any other driver then the very first one which is the characters are semi invisible and some of the drivers they are completely black, But it works fine with the oldest driver I would just use that one but the only problem, After i play for about an hour it goes to a blue screen and gives me some error nv4_disp And it reads off a bunch of numbers and i cant leave the screen unless i restart my comp. Sometimes it dont even go to the blue screen it just completely restarts my computer. I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas of why it would restart my comp or any ideas how to make the characters not half invisible or black. Thanx

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