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    NVMe SSD Not Detected In BIOS


    by maevon ·

    A year ago I installed a WD BLACK 250GB NVMe SSD. My aim was to clone my OS from an older hard drive and use that hard drive to store games. I install the drive and partition it in windows and everything is okay. I am able to store files and programs on it, all seems well. My first red flag came when installing the Western Digital SSD Dashboard program. I install it but when I open it, it crashes instantly. Sometimes it does open but it cannot detect the drive. I’ve reinstalled it many times but it still didnt work. Anyway, due to issues with sector sizes I wasn’t able to clone the drive so I just used it to store games.

    Skip to a year later I decide to download a fresh install of windows onto the NVMe SSD as I feel I’ll get more bang for the buck this way. I install windows fine but when I try and boot from SSD ( which at this point does show up as an option to boot from ) it skips bypasses it and goes straight to the USB and opens with the interface for installing Windows 10. Whenever I try and boot from it directly by overiding the boot queue, it gives an error saying cannot find OS or this found nothing to boot from.

    I do research online and come accross a forum thread which seems to have the same issue. The solution was that there needed to be no other drives connected to the motherboard, the setup needs to complete due to the EFI Boot Sector not being created, so it said to disable safe boot and turn off CSM and then to reboot the PC. ( I am using Asus’ BIOS ). I do this and what should happen is the NVMe Drive appears in the boot order as part of Windows Boot Manager. However, not only was that not the case but the NVMe drive doesn’t show up as a bootable drive at all. I also notice that the BIOS registers the m.2 slot as empty. I change the settings and turn CSM back on. The NVMe drive is now registered as a bootable option ( not as a part of Windows Boot Manager ), but it still remains unbootable and the BIOS still cannot detect a drive in the m.2 slot. I updated my BIOS and still nothing changed.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS
    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X
    Ram: 2x4GB Crucial 2133Hz and 2x4GB Kingston 2133Hz ( Bought at seperate times due to lack of cash originally, seem to be working well, each brand in dual channel with themselves )
    GPU: NVIDIA 1060 6GB
    PSU: Corsair CX600

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      Try these steps to fix the issue

      by abby1991 ·

      In reply to NVMe SSD Not Detected In BIOS

      As you are using a Windows system, then there is a feature in Windows 10 to fix errors present on the SSD as follows:

      1. Go to This PC and right-click on the SSD drive and select its Properties
      2. Click the Tools tab and then select the Check button under Error-checking
      3. If the ‘Error Checking’ dialog box reports no errors click Cancel or else click Scan Drive
      4. If no error is found again, then click Cancel
      5. If the ‘Error Checking’ dialog box reports repair this drive, then click Repair drive

      Follow the above steps & see if that fixes the issue.

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        No Solution.

        by maevon ·

        In reply to Try these steps to fix the issue

        Did that and it reported no errors in the drive.

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          Try to fix these issues

          by abby1991 ·

          In reply to No Solution.

          If the “Error Checking” reports “No Error” in the drive then there can be the below 4 reasons for an SSD not being recognized. Please check these issues & try to fix them accordingly:

          1. SSD is not initialized
          2. SSD drive letter is missing
          3. SSD file system is not supported by Windows
          4. SSD disk driver not installed properly.

          Try to fix the above issues & most probably your drive will be recognized.

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          How to fix issue 1 4

          by junewang05 ·

          In reply to Try to fix these issues

          Hello, I’m facing the same issue here. NVMe SSD not detected by BIOS but Win10 detects it. I can see the disk in Win10 Disk Management, but BIOS UEFI can’t find it.

          Right now the SSD is installed with Ubuntu OS in UEFI. My Boot List Option = UEFI, Advance Boot Options = Enable Legacy Option ROMs, UEFI Boot Path Security = Always except internal HDD, SATA Operation = RAID On, and BIOS is updated to latest.

          I feel like issue something in the BIOS drivers. Do you know how to fix thi?

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          NVMe SSD Not Detected In BIOS

          by aigra ·

          In reply to How to fix issue 1 4

          I have the same problem, with an asus mb, a wd nvme drive– windows finds the drive, but the bios does not.

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      NVME drive won’t boot

      by blackhole insider ·

      In reply to NVMe SSD Not Detected In BIOS

      Boot your PC in Windows 10 with another drive but with the NVME drive in the system. Then go to disk manager and make all the partitions of your NVME drive “active”. Then reboot and it should be ok.

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