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NWClient workstation locked at login

By oaxe ·
My workstation is a win xp pc with nwclient installed. at startup i get a Novel login window with name and password. (no password is needed, i just hit enter and move on). now, when i hit enter, the workstation is locked (with a sign of a big N as mouse pointer).

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by vinchi007+ITmag In reply to NWClient workstation lock ...

check the box for workstation only.
I noticed at my work when I dont check that box, its not allowing me to connect.

Workstation Only check box should be to the left side under password promp.

Hope it helps you.

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by mrjay67 In reply to NWClient workstation lock ...

This normally is a sign that it is having a hard time finding the network. As the other poster stated you can try Workstaion only, however, keep in mind that this means "Workstaion only". You will not log into the network with this checked. Depending on restrictions you can attempt to login after getting to the desktop though.

Its possible that there needs to be a setting changed. I know in our environment that we have to set 802.3 in the IPX/SPX protocol settings. Also NMAS gets enabled by default unless checked off and if you are not using it it can take longer. If you are not on a network and trying to log in that way it will try searching for a tree or server for a long time until iot times out.

If it is truly "locking" up, try booting to safe mode and reinstalling the client or just uninstalling completely. If you use the Zen Agent you may need to uninstall this first as i have seen problems leaving the Zen agent installed and it totally trashing the gina file that controlls login prompt. If you know the settings well enough try checking the settings in your client. Make sure there is a profile listed(there should be at least a default client profile). These are not to be confused with the Windows system/user profiles. Make sure it is pointing to the correct tree or server if applicable.

Hope this helps some or at least gets you in the right direction.

Jason, CNA

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