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    nylon and ESD


    by samcorp73 ·

    I work as a tech. in a retail environment. The powers that be have come up with a new uniform for the staff which includes a Nylon vest.

    They are making the tech. staff wear them too. “It will provide a consistant appearance, and increase our brand recognition” – they say.

    It is my contention that nylon causes static discharge. – They do not believe me.

    All of our workstations are grounded, by why increase the risk?

    Can anyone confirm, and possible point me to any resources that will also.

    I think that they just think we do not want to wear the uniforms. 🙂


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      nylon and ESD

      by thechas ·

      In reply to nylon and ESD

      Yes, nylon is both an ESD generator, and charge storer.

      Check out the links at for more details.

      You could purchase an inexpensive ESD field meter, or have a rep. from an ESD supply firm come in, to show management just how bad the ESD from the uniforms is.

      other information resources; retail esd supplies ESD control association

      Unfortunately, most of the ESD garments are made of nylon, but they have special “conductive” threads added to them.
      An ESD garment that has worn out is actually one of the worst garment to wear, as it no longer dissapates any charge.


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        nylon and ESD

        by samcorp73 ·

        In reply to nylon and ESD

        Perfect – exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

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      nylon and ESD

      by samcorp73 ·

      In reply to nylon and ESD

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