Obama and Openoffice

By wesley.chin ·
Is there some truth to it? I have heard on some sight that Obama wants federal govt to standarize with Openoffice rather than Office.

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This is where that rumor started.

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to Obama and Openoffice
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While I do not know for certain

by The Scummy One In reply to Obama and Openoffice

I would think that it was a hoax. First, why would they go from a fully functional Office suite to a reduced function Suite?
If it was truly being looked at to remove MS products, such as Office, then they would likely go to a full blown StarOffice suite (OpenOffice with added functionality), or another suite

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Not something I know for certain either

by OH Smeg In reply to Obama and Openoffice

But I would expect this to be a Hoax

It doesn't make any sense to move to Open Office for any possible reason other than M$ constantly changing the Standard that they use.

A lot of Education places and intuitions in the UK are doing this because they are fed up with the constant need to change things and no longer like being dictated to by any company.

But the main reason I think that this is a Hoax is because it makes way too much sense to come from a Politicion who wants to set a Standard in Word Processing. They are all self interested and can be bought for a few $. Perhaps if this was actually said it was Obama trying to get a Campaign Donation from M$ to buy him off this course of action though.


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OpenOffice and education

by jdclyde In reply to Not something I know for ...

there is always talk about money shortages in education.

If a superintendant can switch to a free package, that is a new ivory back scratcher for him! B-)


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The only talk I have heard

by jdclyde In reply to Obama and Openoffice

was about file formats, and demanding that all files are stored in a standard format that ANY suite can open.

With more and more information being available on-line, the concern of anyone to be able to access the data regardless of their economic status is what matters.

There was nothing about changing which program is used, because it shouldn't matter WHICH word processor you use.

Here is a blog comment about it, but it doesn't support the statement at all to show where Obama EVER said anything about openoffice.

"Yes, and here is how it may all unfold. One of Obama's first executive acts may be to standardize all Federal offices to"

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Capitalism Hater, Duh!

by cosolawn In reply to Obama and Openoffice

OMG, of course Obama would do that! Help in any way, directly or otherwise, an example of the Success of Capitalism, aka Bill Gates<bowing down>? Please!!!

Note: this in no way means I don't support Open Offie, I have insufficient experience with it to render an opinion. It's the main point that I address.

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But I thought that Free Enterprise allowed you to chose

by OH Smeg In reply to Capitalism Hater, Duh!

Are you saying here that you have to buy what sells and ignore the rest?

There are many office Packages available including M$ Office so why should you be forced to just use 1?

Currently M$ Office is most commonly used because it comes loaded on the new computers sold not because it's the best just that they don't have to pay for it.

That is hardly a recommendation of the Best of Breed rising to the top through a Free Enterprise system. :^0

Col 0:-)

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Because we can't see the business model

by seanferd In reply to But I thought that Free E ...

I'm beginning to think that "Capitalism" is defined by whatever someone wants it to be, or whatever a business in the U.S. can get away with.

You get, "Free is not a business model" a lot. Thing is, no one ever said it was. But the approximately infinite goods can be given away for free, while driving a market for the scarcities which accompany the infinite goods.

Wait, no, that's all just communism, sent to take us over from the inside, right?

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I don't know that anyone actually said it was free

by OH Smeg In reply to Because we can't see the ...

As like all software what exactly are you paying for?

In the case of Open Office you are Free to Use which is a little bit different to Free. Of course if you want the newest and latest you pay for it through Sun Micro Systems and buy Star Office.

Something like M$'as half hearted attempt to lure people in with Trial version of Office 2007 installed on all new computers sold by the Big Makers if the buyer doesn't buy a copy of M$ Office.

If M$ was following Sun's lead they would be giving people the use of Office 2003 to use as they pleased at Home and offering them the chance to Pay for Office 2007.

OH wait I forgot M$ want Complete Control so they sell both sides of the Fence the legit Side for high Returns and the Pirate Side for Mass Market Appeal and never make any serious attempts to stop themselves undercutting themselves to people who are never going to buy their products at their Recommended Retail Prices.

I also suppose the current situation in the Home of Free Enterprise where Banks and the other Big Financial Institutions is the Result of Communist Action and has no reference to Free Enterprise where these people believe that they are free to do as they like provided the Government Covers their @$$e$. :^0

Col 0:-)

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