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Obama and the Democrats in Congress CAN NOT . . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
..... properly address the nation's financial woes, because growing government, extending unemployment benefits, increasing the deficit and debt burden (on future generations), bailing out companies, increasing regulation on companies, nationalizing companies, increasing individual dependency on government, allowing - and even encouraging - illegal immigrants' abuse of government services, increasing taxes on the producers, taxing energy, et al - all the things Democrats typically do - are all counterintuitive measures.

It's like trying to lose weight on a diet of triple bacon cheese burgers, chili cheese fries, and monster-sized milk shakes.

Question: What steps would you take if you wanted to completely destroy a free nation from within?

Answer: Do all the things Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress are doing and/or would like to do.

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Every Day

by Keighlar In reply to Obama and the Democrats i ...

... my heart and spirit break just a little bit more. I do not understand the blinders that so many people voluntarily wear. Although the polling numbers are finally starting to show that more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with King Obama, it's too little, too late.

My father came to the United States from Poland - LEGALLY - when he was 14 years old. That made him old enough to remember what life was like in Poland and the reasons his family came here. Ironically enough, it was for our healthcare and freedoms. As I grew up, I learned from him to appreciate and love this country with a fervor.

And now, he shakes his head and laments when we speak of where this country is and where it is going. He has seen it all before and it breaks his heart as it does mine.

Is there any free country left? I fear not...

Did this all start with Obama? No. Unfortunately, through their complacency, our conservative comrades allowed the slow decline to infect us. It's just that Obama has given up all pretense and is shamelessly taking this country where he, and he alone, wants it to go.

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Yours is a wonderful messsage

by maxwell edison In reply to Every Day

It is all spot-on.

Thanks for speaking up - and speaking out.

If there's anything we can do, this is it - until, that is, they - Obama and the Democrats - try to infringe on our free speech as well.

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I'm a bit of a lurker...

by Keighlar In reply to Yours is a wonderful mess ...

but I find myself watching your posts closely, and most often nodding my head in complete agreement. Political debates often bring me to the brink of aneurysm because others cannot see what seems so clear to me, so I try to bite my tongue. Too many people have learned the long-winded way not to ask me my opinion. :)

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Please continue to lurk

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm a bit of a lurker...

And thanks for watching my posts.

However, feel free to chime-in when BIG GOVERNMENT proponents paint me as selfish, mean-spirited, self-centered, racist, and even evil, just because I believe in smaller government and individual freedom and liberty.

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A cohort

by MomtoJustin In reply to Please continue to lurk

Hi, I am with you. I am a mean-spirited, racist, evil redneck because I believe in the same thing. It is very difficult for a red-stater to live in a long, caring tolerant blue state.

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You're killing me.

by seanferd In reply to Every Day

<i>Unfortunately, through their complacency, our conservative comrades allowed the slow decline to infect us.</i>

Complacency? I'm sorry, but so-called conservatives have grown both government and spending as much as any so-called liberals, they just create different programs and spend on different things.

Quit playing this card, it is an utter lie.

And if you want regulations removed to free up industry, all of them have to go, including those that benefit industry. Lower taxes? No tax breaks either.

I don't want to live with either ideology in control, not that the True Believers ™ ever really stick to their ideologies when it suits them not to.

Perhaps we could move on to the method practiced in Somalia - no central government at all, and things are fairly peaceful and orderly until someone tries to impose a central government.

You may have to deal with pirates, though. On your own.

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What peace? what order?

by john.a.wills In reply to You're killing me.

Somalia is a country where people can be arrested for watching the World Cup, which is within the offence of "wasting time". No-one's life, liberty or property is secure. Or perhaps seanferd was making a joke.

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Perhaps "complacency" was the wrong word.

by Keighlar In reply to You're killing me.

I entirely agree that conservatives dove into the pool head first and frolicked in the tax-payer money. They are just as much to blame for bringing us to this state of affairs. I think that once one becomes a "politician" - regardless of affiliation - common sense goes out the window.

However, Obama has taken the spending trend and pushed it into overdrive. It's not just the spending, but the sense of entitlement that he and his administration exudes. Well people, you wanted change? You got it.

You think it would hurt my feelings if the government scaled back on everything? It wouldn't in the least. Government has overstepped its bounds and we just sit and watch it happen.

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he, and he alone

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Every Day

And who, then, paved the way, as you yourself assert?

You overdramatize Obama, just like the left overdramatized Dubya.
You are usanians, the drama politic is your soap.
Now, excuse me, I have to go back to watching my stories.

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Same here

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Every Day

My parents came from Germany and Hungary. My father was drafted in WW2 by the Nazis and, since he disagreed with what they represented, allowed himself to be captured by the French. Then, before France was taken, he was transferred to a US facility. After the war, my mother joined him and they came to America. My mothers family in Hungary was very rich but they lost everything and also came here.

I don't understand how people can not see what's happening. What happened to the proud, independent citizens who would rather starve than go on govt assistance? What happened to taking responsibility for your actions? What happened to working hard to provide for your family?

Our founding fathers, if they were there, must be spinning in their graves to see what this Great Experiment has come to.

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