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Obama 'could stop using e-mail'

By The 'G-Man.' ·
Obama 'could stop using e-mail' !

Barack Obama: The first president "addicted"
to the BlackBerry
Barack Obama, who gave up smoking before
running for office, now faces a break with
another habit - e-mail.

The US president-elect is likely to give it
up, aides told the New York Times, because
transparency laws would open his
correspondence to public view.

Neither Bill Clinton nor George W Bush used
e-mail during their presidencies, but unlike
Mr Obama neither of them was a devoted
BlackBerry user.

He took mobile e-mail everywhere on the
campaign trail.

In the summer, cameras filmed him checking
his BlackBerry while watching one of his
daughters playing football.

His wife Michelle slapped at his hands, to
get him to put it away.

"I think Obama is the first president who is
addicted to the BlackBerry like the rest of
us, and there's a lot of presidential records
and archive rules on what gets stored and
what doesn't," former Clinton press secretary
Joe Lockhart told the Associated Press.

'Crisp' e-mails

A final decision on whether Mr Obama will
become the first e-mailing president has yet
to be made.

He is expected to be the first to have a
laptop on his desk in the Oval Office.

Mr Obama was often seen using his BlackBerry
on the campaign trail
One possibility reported to be under
consideration is that he could continue to
receive e-mails, but not send them.

During the campaign, the New York Times
reports, his advisers rarely printed out
memos, e-mailing them to his BlackBerry

The paper quotes aides saying that his e-
mails, sometimes sent as late as 0100 or
0300, were "generally crisp, properly spelled
and free of symbols or emoticons".

As well as the problem of the Presidential
Records Act, which could open all
presidential e-mails to public scrutiny,
there are also security concerns.

Experts say there is always a risk of digital
communication being hacked into.

There is also the possibility that the
location of a presidential mobile telephone
could be tracked.

Benjamin Nugent, author of the book American
Nerd, says the president-elect is a techie,
who will have difficulty parting with his

"It'll be interesting if we could see the
torment on his face," he told AP. "For me it
would be ****."

But Mr Obama could yet decide to emulate Al
Gore, who reportedly used a government e-mail
address in his later years as vice-president.

"He's the president," said another Clinton
press secretary, Mike McCurry. "If he wants
to carry the BlackBerry, he's entitled."

Source : BBC

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