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ObamaCare: It's not about medical care; it's about control over your life

By maxwell edison ·

If an employer was paying, say, $3,000 per year for medical insurance, and the premiums dropped 3,000 percent, then that would mean the Insurance Company would actually start paying the employer $90,000 for the privilege of providing medical insurance. Maybe that employer WOULD give everyone a raise with that kind of windfall! I'm all for that!

Imagine if GWB had made such a gaffe! How the networks, newspapers, and comedy shows would be all over it. Let's see if they treat their own King Barrack the same way.

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what a joke!

by patb071 In reply to ObamaCare: It's not abou ...

Even if that was true (3,000% or $3000). do you think employers would give everyone a raise? This is just to make it so the governemt doesn't pay for medicare, etc.

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Except he didn't say that though

by Oz_Media In reply to what a joke!

He said "...which means they could give you a raise".

Your argument, if applied correctly, means that no employer in America will be able to offer staff a raise if their costs are cut by $3000.00 per employee.

I simply love the way Americans miscomprehend and interpret comments to create their own false arguments. That's exactly what got Bush to support war in the first place.

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Americans hardly have

by PlexusSage In reply to Except he didn't say that ...

"I simply love the way Americans miscomprehend and interpret comments to create their own false arguments. That's exactly what got Bush to support war in the first place."

You're argument will carry a little more weight if you leave out the personal attacks.
If you can't resist doing so, at least tell us dumb Americans what it is that allows Canadians to properly conmprehend and interpret all information set before them.
We're all ears...

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You are joking, right?

by Oz_Media In reply to Americans hardly have

LOL, you're funny!

To answer your question, an education resulting in comprehension skills.

It's not as if it way cryptic, it was corrected in the printed transcript too. How can anyone miss what is clearly printed unless;
A) they cannot read
B) a pure lack of reading comprehension skills.

You watch a video and take it at face value, even when the information is absolutely ridiculous?

TIP: If Max is making something ou of it, ALWAYS check it out his false 'FACTS' before buying into it.
He does this all the time, it's his game. He takes some comment and creates a thread out of it. He is also skilled at quoting people out of context and making up false arguments based on terrible reading comprehension skills. It's got to the point that I don't believe word he says until I can confirm it, I'd say he gets these things wrong (purposely perhaps) 90% of the time.

Also, if you read the comments right under the video he linked to, the same question is raised and a correction is made, which would cause any sane person to look further for verification.

As the comment Obama made was CLEALY a mistake, it simply does not make any sense otherwise, it only took a second to find out what was actually meant to be said by checking The White House transcript, which very quickly offers the correction.

It's funny how people can Google to find YouTube videos that suit their agenda but not to confirm facts.

Oh, and if you take a comments about "Americans" as a personal attack, you are in real need of help.

P.S. I'm not Canadian either.

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Just so you know

by prpetty In reply to You are joking, right?

Most of us that lean conservative like a good laugh at President Obama's expense, just like those that lean liberal liked to laugh at GW (though I did get a good chuckle at his three word sentences).

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I'm sure he'll sleep better tonight. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to ObamaCare: It's not abou ...
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No fair!

by puppybreath In reply to ObamaCare: It's not abou ...

You're not allowed to point out any of his mistakes for at least four years.

After all, look at all of the terrible issues that he inherited.


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Now you know,

by jfuller05 In reply to ObamaCare: It's not abou ...

you can't poke fun at anything he and his administration does; that would mean you are a bigot.


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by Tink! In reply to ObamaCare: It's not abou ...

There are just far too many mistakes being made on this whole healthcare overhaul.

For 1, doing a complete overhaul at one time. Healthcare itself is such an exponential issue there is no way a single bill could properly address it.

I understand his intent, he promised Americans better healthcare and he's trying to fulfill that quickly, but he's going about it all wrong. Wrong angles, wrong approaches, wrong timing, wrong PR, etc etc.

Healthcare changes should have been made little by little so everyone involved (including the people) could understand what was going on and approve or disapprove each individual issue rather than Healthcare itself.

(Reminder - I'm not into politics, this opinion is based mainly on hearsay.)

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The biggest mistake, IMO

by TonytheTiger In reply to LOL!

is the refusal to acknowledge the relationship between the cost of claims and the cost of insuring those claims.

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