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Object oriented and Agile programming, how do they enhance development

By assortedcolours ·
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I am a computing student and have been given a short report to write:

???Compare Object-Oriented Programming to Agile Programming and how they enhance the development process.??? (2500-3000 words)

I am struggling to find any materials that help me to directly compare the two, can anyone suggest any useful sites or articles that would help.

Also, in this context would you say there is a big difference between Programming, Design and Modelling, these terms seem to be used interchangably but do they really mean different things?

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Repost as 'Discussion'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Object oriented and Agile ...

You'll get more attention to this technical issue if you repost it as a Discussion:

The Water Cooler is the place for non-technical, non-career topics such as politics, music, sports, etc. There's nothing wrong with posting your comments here, but they'll get more attention from the general membership if you post to the appropriate place.

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by seanferd In reply to Repost as 'Discussion'

yet another form letter

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Yeah, I'm not ready to submit this one for member approval yet.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to YAFL

I need to flesh it out a bit more.

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by assortedcolours In reply to Object oriented and Agile ...
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Could or can would be a better choice than do

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Object oriented and Agile ...

The presumption of veracity leads one astray.
It will never be true in all cases for start.
That's not counting that the take up by business was for enhancing productivity (at least if you squint), and naff all to do with technical efficiency or aethetics.
Google OO versus Functional
or OO versus Procedural, remeber a lot of the opinions will be just that.
Agile versus waterfall for the other one.

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