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By desard ·
I was wondering, how can i write an object script that calls a bat file and runs it as a local admin. Better if i could run it as a service under Network Configurator SID

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by desard In reply to Try srvany

thanks for the reply. anyway i am trying to do smth like this: i work in a big company wich has several LANs. Some managers travel through this branches and they need to change ip, so i wrote this bat script that runs perfectly. the problem is that i want to run this script with alivated privileges on a power user environment. The problem is that i don't want to "Run As" it because the users may see the admin password. So i was thinking if i can write a script which calls this *.bat and runs it as a Network Conf. without logging off the user. The problem is that i can't give them rights from the domain cause they can't connect without changing the IP. So i want to run it locally like a virus executes itself using SID from the register. Thus i don't have to input a admin and a password.
Hope i was clear enough

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