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Objects & Components in ASP

By e_kannan ·
What is the difference between
Object & Components in ASP?
Can you Explain with suitable
Thank you

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by bawd In reply to Objects & Components in A ...

We make calls to one or several of the ASP intrinsic objects to create the dynamic element of an active server page. These objects are immediately accessible to the ASP developer and neatly cover all the key aspects of creating dynamic and interactive pages. Together, the five intrinsics and their parent object form the hierarchy that is the ASP Object Model, which looks something like this:
Scripting Context
Each of the objects has a set of collections, methods, properties and events which provide them with all their functionality.

the Scripting Objects are available to us through the VBScript scripting engine ? example the FileSystemObject object, the TextStream object and the Dictionary object.

The FileSystemObject object allows us to code a page that accesses the file system of the web server itself.


ASP Components in a web application enable us to encapsulate some or all of the key actions and rules that the application runs under. Heavily-hit sites become much more efficient when some or all of their functionality is coded within components, with ASP used as the adhesive to synchronize the program flow and integrate the components' functionality together.

The phrase ASP Components is a bit of a misnomer, because they're actually COM objects ? written not in ASP but in C++, Visual Basic or Java. They are standalone .dll or .exe files that have entries in the Windows registry and make available extra properties and methods to the developer using them. At a low level, practically everything in the Windows world is based on COM (Microsoft's Component Object Model architecture) ? even ASP.

The key to ASP components is that the functionality within them has been pre-compiled and will run faster than if the code was parsed by the ASP Scripting Host. The performance gain is quite noticeable and, of course, they can be reused on many different sites as well.

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