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    Objects sent via Internet Blocked


    by john ·

    The problem I am encountering has so far defeated my software supplier and we know ( from running the program on another machine) is not specific to the software but to something on the particular PC I am attempting to send the objects from.

    The system is a Pentium PC (stand alone) using Windows 98 and Netscape 7. Other programs present are Norton Anti-Virus ( and an entire Norton System works 2002 suite) and Zone Alarm Pro ( now UN-installed.)

    The objects are Tax Returns, prepared in a specific application which is essentially a database, and each Tax Return is sent as an object to the a Government Portal over the Internet. I understand from the software supplier that to do this the program uses Microsoft XML Parser.

    The problem began after Netscape 7 was installed and Zone Alarm Pro was UN-installed. The problem had not occurred until then. On attempting to send the object the same message appears, generated by Win 98:

    Internet !

    Run-time error 2146697208 [800c0008]
    Method ~~ of object~~failed.

    Internet Explorer is not present on the system. According to the software supplier, this should not make any difference. They have run trials on a system using Netscape 7 and encountered no problems. As noted above, another machine running IE6 encounters no problem. Extensive tests have also eliminated the Norton Anti Virus as the problem.

    If anyone has any ideas at all, I should be very glad to hear of them.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      i am just taking wild guesses but if were me i would REinstall Zone Alarm and force new configuration, leave it totally wide open. my sense says ZA uninstaller is buggy. altho i can’t explain why. the other thing i was thinking reading this was jdk java version but then you said you talked to them and they would have mentioned that…

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      by otl ·

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      You did not get specific on the system, however;

      Windows requirements for Netscape 7.1
      Minimum Hardware
      Pentium 233 MHz
      64 MB RAM
      52 MB hard drive space

      Does this system meet the requirements?

      From what I could find “Failure occurred during download”. You could try reloading Netscape or changing to IE.

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