Occasional wireless connection problem - DHCP offers received, but no ack.

By danlea ·
Perhaps someone could shed some light on this very mysterious problem one machine occasionally encounters (which can last a whole day):

For no apparent reason, when the computer tries to connect to the network the computer doesn't believe it's receiving a DHCP ack and gets stuck at the DHCP request stage (loops around discover, offer, request, request, discover...). Having analysed the packets, everything looks in order, and the router states that the computer is connected and has an ip address, but the machine doesn't think so. Using a static ip doesn't help, and I'm not prepared to change the router config as this would be a pain for everyone.

It's cross-platform (when it happens it affects the machine in both XP and linux) and has occurred on two different wireless cards (one PCI, one USB). The router is a 2wire BT 1800 HG and works fine with all other computers. It's b/g with WEP, and the problem is not key related (comes and goes without changing the WEP key).

I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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