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Occupy Wall St.

By AV . ·
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I'm excited to see people protesting in the streets about the poor state of our country. I might join them one day! Though they are loosely defined right now, I think Occupy Wall St. is a revolt against greed, money and power, but mostly it???s about the power of the people when they unite for a common cause.

These signs speak for themselves. They are very honest. (some profanity)

This revolt is fueled by the joblessness in this country and the 2008 financial meltdown caused by reckless banking practices. It???s about the growing inequality between rich and poor. The banks got bailed out on taxpayer money. Failed big businesses, like GM and AIG, were bailed out. The rest of us were left a lot poorer as a result. Four long years after the meltdown, economic conditions look bleaker than ever for many people.

When I look at the Occupy Wall St. protesters, I see people that just want to have a fair shot at a decent life. Isn't that what we all want? They aren???t the Tea Party of the left. I think they are mostly apolitical, at least right now. It will be interesting to see where this growing movement goes and what effect it will have on our government and our lives in the future. I don't think its going away.

They have achieved one major thing so far. They started a conversation in this country about greed and how big money people and corporations control our government, not the people. That's a conversation worth having.

An interesting take . . .


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by jp85257 In reply to Occupy Wall St.

A union sponsored, Soros funded spectacle with paid protesters. That will REALLY open up good conversations about the economy and jobs.

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I don't think its about that

by AV . In reply to Right,

Its about disgust for our current system by the little people in this country that lost a lot. Its a gut level, honest protest about the state of our country. Its just the beginning.


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You're right...

by jp85257 In reply to I don't think its about t ...

It IS just the beginning. With the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Sharpton fanning the flames, we'll soon have riots in the streets, giving them the perfect opportunity to force more of their agenda down our throats without giving us a chance to vote on anything. They'll take away even more of our rights on the pretense of "protecting us".

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Yep your right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You're right...

With the Likes of Palin, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump & Co they would cause Riots in the Streets if they ever rose to a position of Power.

Though personally I do not believe that State Sanctioned Genocide against Peaceful people who's only crime is to disagree with those in power actually constitutes a Riot. Though I suppose them attempting to run away as the State Sponsored Uniformed Terrorists try to kill them is completely unacceptable as it would expand the Collateral Damage to a greater area. But these proposed Leaders have good teachers in Lenin, Starlin, the current Governments of Lebanon & Syria, and so on. Anyone who dares to disagree with leaders like these needs to be Exterminated.

After all it would have to be Treason in their Eyes for someone to disagree with them so they would feel perfectly happy to Order in the National Guard with Orders to Shoot to Kill all those who peacefully disagree with them.

As all these supposed leaders are Right by Birth and can do no wrong can they? :^0

Obviously the Riff Raff who disagree with them are the Rabble than need to trampled underfoot and destroyed for the Good of the Country as how dare anyone disagree with their views on anything.

Remember Greed is Good. :^0 :^0 :^0

Col [/sarcasm]

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Yep your right

Remember, it's only treason if you fail. If you succeed, you're a patriot.

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Time to upset the applecart

by AV . In reply to Yep your right

Our federal government doesn't get anything done for the people of this country. They don't represent the people of this country, they represent big money interests.

There are a lot of us riff raff around. Just think what a big voice we can have if we unite.


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Ever read the Logan's Run series?

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Time to upset the appleca ...

They could always try what was done in the books if they thought that they were about to lose power.

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I wouldn't put it past them to try

by AV . In reply to Ever read the Logan's Run ...

I think we should collect all the politicians and send them to carousel instead.

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Get it

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You're right...

over and done with, I say.

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Bad Bad Bad Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Get it

What's wrong with having a bit of Fun and getting a Good Laugh at the ramblings of some?

After my posts here some may even believe that I like some Politicians. :^0 :^0 :^0


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