Ocz Atv 16 gb flash drive

By barrcarb ·

I have a 16 gb ocz atv flash drive , I want to use it in xp sp2 , but ask me for the drivers to install , where I can find it?? or what I have to do ?

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According to OCZ, the flash unit is Plug'n'Play ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ocz Atv 16 gb flash drive

So you don't need any drivers for it with XP.

The OCZ site only has drivers for using the flash drive with Win98.

Mind you, it also has drivers for the 'Memory Bar' utility on these flash drives - maybe that is what you need?


Have you tried ignoring any request for drivers, letting WinXP just find them automatically?

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AS this is a Plug & Play device that doesn't require Drivers for XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ocz Atv 16 gb flash drive

Do you have any other USB Devices connected tot his computer?

If you don't it is possible that the USB Drivers for the Computer are not installed or the USB Ports are disabled.

To check this open XP click on start and then in the Start Menu Right Click on My Computer scroll down to Proprieties in the Drop Down Menu and Left Click on Proprieties. In the next window to open Left Click on the Hardware Tab and then when that opens Left Click on Device Manager. At the bottom of the list in the next Window to open there should be a heading called Universal Serial Bus Controllers. If this isn't there or there are Yellow Circles with a Black 1 through them the USB Drivers are not installed and you need to install the USB Drivers for your Hardware and XP.

If there are no USB Devices listed like Generic Hubs, USB Root Hubs or ######## PCI to USB Open Host Controller where ####### is a mane of the Chip Set the most likely thing is that the USB Ports are Disabled in BIOS.

To change this you need to reboot the computer and press the key shown on the screen to Enter Setup this will be Delete or F10, F12 or something along those lines you will be told on the POST Screen which will either be a White on Black screen or a Makers Logo. You will need to look at the M'Board Manual or the End Users Manual that came with your computer to find out where you need to make changes in the BIOS but this generally involves setting USB to Legacy and then saving the changes on Exit.

If you do not have access tot he Manual you can download it from the Makers Web Site so if you have a Dell something you can go to the Dell Web Site and download your computers Model Number End User Manual. If you have a White Box that is one custom made for you you will need to visit the M'Board Makers Web Site and download the M'Board User Manual.


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